[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 5’ (1967-1971)


A two-LP set of international beats, breaks, sophisticate funk, sweet organs, harpsichords, heavy bass lines, late psychedelia, bits of playful experimentation and musique concrete, squelching analogue synths, harps, strings, flutes, and a dash of autumnal musing as only the early 1970s could produce. A ‘found’ mix from the ‘legendary’ French Musique du Monde label and their ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ series, more volumes to follow.

Featuring bands and artists from 18 countries, including the well known and the far from it, ‘Volume 5’ blends a wide range of genres through commonalities in instrumentation and production into a whole that is exciting and yet accessible. You’ll hear Kraftwerk with Donovan; Moondog with Nino Nardini; Leo Kottke, Geraldo Pino, Eugene McDaniels, White Noise, El Kinto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Silver Apples, Roland Kovac, Shuggie Otis, Pierre Henry, Ennio Morricone’s Feed-Back, et al. Track listing, liner notes and the download link (including full artwork), beyond the break.

Various Artists – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 5’
(2xLP, Musique du Monde, France – 1971)

Side A:
01 [00’00”] Nino NARDINI – “Tropical” (1971, France)
02 [02’38”] Geraldo PINO – “Heavy Heavy Heavy” (1970, Kenya)
03 [05’56”] Joe HARRIOTT & John MAYER – “Gana” (1967, India & England)
04 [07’51”] Syd BARRETT – “No Good Trying” (1970, England)
05 [10’57”] Jon APPLETON & Don CHERRY – “DON” (1970, USA)
06 [12’57”] L’INFONIE – “J’Ai Perdue 15 Cents Dans Le Nez Froid” (1969, Canada)
07 [14’49”] Lee “SCRATCH” PERRY – “Night Doctor” (1969, Jamaica)
08 [16’40”] Jonny TEUPEN – “The Fool on the Hill” (1969, Germany)
09 [19’45”] Eugene MCDANIELS – “The Lord is Back” (1971, USA)

Side B:
01 [00’00”] KRAFTWERK – “Ruckzuck” (1971, Germany)
02 [03’04”] Os MUTANTES – “Ave, Lucifer” (1970, Brazil)
03 [04’58”] The FEED-BACK – “The Feed-Back” (1970, Italy)
04 [07’34”] Kevin AYERS – “The Oyster and the Flying Fish” (1970, England)
05 [09’45”] The SPERM – “Prem” (1970, Finland)
06 [10’37”] Martin CIRCUS – “Ouvrez vos Memoires” (1971, France)
07 [14’26”] Hiro YANAGIDA – “Me and Milk Tea and Others” (1970, Japan)
08 [17’00”] Staff CARPENBORG – “Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows” (1970, Germany)
09 [20’05”] DONOVAN – “Get Thy Bearings” (1968, England)

Side C:
01 [00’00”] Alan MOORHOUSE – “Pop Mandolin” (1970, England)
02 [02’15”] Gil GILBERTO – “Vitrines” (1969, Brazil)
03 [05’44”] PEOPLE – “Shomyo, Part 2″ (1971, Japan)
04 [08’35”] Pierre HENRY – “Valse” (1970, France)
05 [10’15”] SECONDHAND – “Death May Be Your Santa Claus” (1971, England)
06 [14’49”] Catherine RIBEIRO & ALPES – “Diborowaska” (1971, France)
07 [18’23”] MOONDOG – “You the Vandal” (1971, USA)
08 [20’29”] Vincent GÉMIGNANI – “Ophis le Serpentaire” (1970, France)

Side D:
01 [00’00”] Leo KOTTKE – “Poor Boy” (1971, USA)
02 [02’01”] White NOISE – “Here Come the Fleas” (1969, England)
03 [04’10”] Burnin’ RED IVANHOE – “Kaske-Vous Karsemose” (1971, Denmark)
04 [07’59”] Shuggie OTIS – “Ice Cold Daydream” (1971, USA)
05 [10’20”] Colin BLUNSTONE – “Let Me Come Closer to You” (1971, England)
06 [12’40”] Roland KOVAC – “Transpacific Strings” (1971, Austria)
07 [14’29”] El KINTO – “Muy Lejos Te Vas” (1968, Uruguay)
08 [17’45”] Silver APPLES – “I Don’t Care What the People Say” (1969, USA)
09 [20’42”] Jean-Michel JARRE – “Eros Machine” (1969, France)

Total Time: 92:00

Rough translation, back cover text:
“A grand tour around the world! From Kenya to India to Brazil to Germany to Jamaica, Canada, Denmark . . . and returning home to France. Around the world at 33 1/3 rpm, this is a fantastic voyage through cultures, and your ship is powered by the new rhythms and sounds sweeping the world. This is the sound of a new era, a new day in the world. On two long-playing records, this is where it’s at! Take the ride, hear the voice of the world–‘Le Tour du Monde!'”

Following close on the unearthing of the killer gem ‘Volume 7’, this time we wind the world back just a couple of years to 1971 and the release of the even more precious and scarce ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 5’. Spanning the very end of the 60s and announcing the arrival of the 70s, this compilation traverses fifteen countries, mining the emerging new hybrids that followed the psychedelic era. The French label Musique du Monde is better known for issuing some of the funkiest transatlantic “library records” of the era. But by ‘Volume 5′ they were already perfecting the art of taste-making, capturing the multitude of mutations unleashed by James Brown, the early Moog synthesizers, musique concrete production techniques, pure sunshine pop, and the progress of rock toward both greater intricacy (prog, krautrock) and greater force (punk, metal, etc.), all colored with a tinge of the devlish madness propagated by Miles Davis and his jazz fusion corps. Unusual for its time, du Monde eschewed divisions between “art music,” “underground” forms of rock and funk, and top 40 artists. And so this double record nonchalantly places the likes of Donovan, Syd Barrett, and The Zombies’ Colin Blunstone alongside experimental artists like Pierre Henry, Kraftwerk, The Sperm, or Ennio Morricone’s ne-Gruppo Di Improvvisazione The Feed-Back; and then even more unusually, lumps all these with the literally ‘commercial’ (in the American sense) “sound library” masters like Nino Nardini, Alan Moorhouse, and Roland Kovac. Many of the avant gardists have become as well-known to us as the pop musicians, but at the time there were few who had access to such a global swath of the hip and cutting-edge; even today, a good number of these artists remain known only to niche specialists. Again I tip my hat to the elusive Jan Marine, director of Musique du Monde’s then new compliation and distribution division. The back cover text is yet again eagerly generic. But as always with this series, the sounds are anything but generic. So once again–it’s time to “take the ride,” with ‘Le Tour du Monde’. — I. Sonnecomme, September, 2008

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12 thoughts on “[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Tour du Monde, Volume 5’ (1967-1971)

  1. Thanks, Mr. Continuo. Hope you don’t mind my linking to your real-work blog. The links section is supposed to say “Real Blogs,” but for some reason the theme I’m using insists on “The Associates”.

    And just to allay Smith’s concerns–in case it isn’t clear, this mix and the other ‘Le Tour du Monde’ mixes are not actually from the dates they vaguely appear and jokingly claim to be from. But making a “contemporaneous” mix seemed like a useful starting point, thematically; and an excuse to make some quick-and-cheesy graphic design for the “record sleeves”. Anything posted here will be a mix/compilation put together by me, or by a friend, excepting the odd full O.O.P. album.

  2. Karen–

    I’m glad you are enjoying the music! As for the technical problem–what’s happening, exactly? The four mp3s should all be zipped together along with a folder containing cover art pdf/jpgs and a txt file for the tracklist. The “side a” mp3 isn’t among them when you download? Or it won’t play? Not sure what could be going on, either way. . .

  3. This is the best blog I’ve come across in eons! Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully compile these gems.

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