[Miniatures Series] – ‘Post-Punk No. 2′ (1975-1983)

This is the second in a series of “miniature” mixes, and the second in the post-punk-oriented subset. The ‘Miniatures’ series feature all songs less than two minutes in duration, and mixes under forty minutes. ‘Post-Punk No. 2’ stretches slightly, back to 1975/76/77 and well outside the bounds of what is normally considered strictly “post-punk”. However, in any way other than a purely chronological utility, I’ve always found the name “post-punk” to be a term of convenience only, and ultimately a misnomer that obscures the fact that the “post-punk sound” was merely a continuation (and later a popularisation) of the arty, but non-virtuoso-oriented strains of rock music that have their roots with the Velvets, Stooges, Roxy Music, Canterbury scene stuff, Red Krayola, Residents, and other assorted weirdos and kooks. While it’s arguable there was something of a lull in this strain around 1976, it’s clear that what Pere Ubu or Devo or Brian Eno and David Bowie were doing in 1975 has more in common with the sounds and approaches to art-making of “post-punk” than with the (briefly) culturally more significant but musically impoverished “punk proper”.

Anyway–all that to excuse a little reaching; and an idea to explore more fully later on. This second volume features some big names–Bowie, Eno, Costello, Beefheart, Raincoats–but also plenty of potential new finds I hope, like the Stickmen, Rosa Yemen (Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s band), Crash Course in Science, Matthais Schuster, Aksak Maboul, and Family Fodder (for me, the quintessential post-punk band in the counter-Joy Division-knock-off mold). Full tracklist and download following the “more” link. Check out the first volume here; and the 3rd is going to be a doozy, so check back if you dig this one.

Miniatures : Post-Punk No. 2 (1975-1983)

[00:00] 01 Liquid Liquid – “Push” (1981)
[01:57] 02 David Bowie – “Breaking Glass” (1977)
[03:38] 03 L Voag – “Bedroom” (1979)
[05:05] 04 DNA – “32123” (1981)
[05:57] 05 Trio – “Tutti Frutti” (1983)
[07:51] 06 The Teardrop Explodes – “Pure Joy” (1981)
[09:36] 07 Raincoats – “No Side to Fall In” (1979)
[11:26] 08 Virgin Prunes – “Fado” (1982)
[13:16] 09 Elvis Costello – “Hoover Factory”(1980)
[15:00] 10 49 Americans – “Glimpse Go By” (1982)
[16:40] 11 Essendon Airport – “Three Against Four” (1979)
[18:20] 12 Dancing Cigarettes – “Mr. Morse” (1981)
[19:38] 13 Captain Beefheart – “Flavor Bud Living” (1980)
[20:37] 14 Matthais Schuster – “Umarmung” (1981)
[22:13] 15 Stick Men – “Mystery Party” (1982)
[23:45] 16 Crash Course in Science – “Kitchen Motors” (1981)
[25:40] 17 Family Fodder – “Dazomo” (1981)
[27:28] 18 Rosa Yemen – “Tso Xin Yu Xin” (1978)
[28:48] 19 Aksak Maboul – “Inoculating Rabies” (1980)
[30:38] 20 Flying Lizards – “Cirrus” (1981)
[31:45] 21 Brian Eno – “Over Fire Island” (1975)
[33:13] 22 Wipers – “Our Past Life” (1983)

Total Time: [34:40]

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Correction: The Bowie track was errantly marked “1975,” when it was in fact released on 1977’s ‘Low’.


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