[Miniatures Series] – ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3′ (1967-1971)


‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3’ is the second mix in the ‘Les Miniatures‘ series, fifth in the ‘Miniatures‘ method. For more information and the first download, check here. In short (appropriately) these are mixes in the musical style of the globe-spanning, late-60s-to-mid-1970s sound-collecting ‘Le Tour du Monde’ series—but with every track coming in at under two minutes in length, and each mix under forty minutes (like the ‘Miniatures: Post-Punk‘ mixes did for the years 1976-1983). So give them a whirl—you don’t have much to lose, not even much time.

This volume features some very well known names like the Velvet Underground, Bob Marley, Ennio Morricone (though not in his better-known Spaghetti Western mode), Serge Gainsbourg, Syd Barrett, King Crimson and Nick Drake. But it also emphasizes the less-knowns like Sagittarius (for fans of the Beach Boys, The Millennium, or California sunshine pop in general); library hero Roger Roger (of Stringtronics’ ‘Mindbender’ “fame”—seek that one out) and other sound librarians like Oskar Sala, Roland Kovac, and Reg Wale; weirdos like Red Noise, Pearls Before Swine and the ever-wonderful Shaggs; Krautrock stalwarts Amon Duul II and Kluster (in their pre-electro Cluster, more cosmic abstraction days); and lovely Turkish Les Mogol (aka Mogollar) and Japanese artist Hiro Yanagida. Twenty artists and tracks, two “sides,” thirty-one minutes, nine countries—and I’ve got three more like this one nearly ready, so keep your ears open. Full tracklist and a download link to the mix with cover art and “liner notes” following the “more…”.

Various Artists – ‘Les Miniatures’ Volume 3
(10″ LP, Musique du Monde, France – 1971)

Side A:
[00’00”] 01 Nick DRAKE – “Introduction” (1970, England)
[01’25”] 02 SAGITTARIUS – “You Know I’ve Found a Way” (1967, USA)
[02’05”] 03 Orchester ROLAND KOVAC – “Service No. 2″ (1968, Austria)
[04’30”] 04 David BATISTE & THE GLADIATORS – “Funky Soul” (1970, USA)
[06’05”] 05 Pearls BEFORE SWINE – “(Oh Dear) Miss Morse” (1967, USA)
[08’00”] 06 Ennio MORRICONE – “Le Fotografie” (1971, Italy)
[09’00”] 07 Hiro YANAGIDA – “Love T” (1970, Japan)
[10’20”] 08 Oskar SALA – “Interludium” (1970, Germany)
[11’50”] 09 Roger ROGER – “Shere Kahn” (1971, France)
[13’45”] 10 Velvet UNDERGROUND – “Here She Comes Now” (1968, USA)

Side B:

[00’00”] 01 Serge GAINSBOURG – “Champêtre Et Pop No. 2″ (1967, France)
[01’20”] 02 Red NOISE – “A La Memoire du Rockeur Inconnu. . .” (1971, France)
[02’05”] 03 Bob MARLEY & THE WAILERS – “Sun is Shining” (1971, Jamaica)
[04’00”] 04 The SHAGGS – “That Little Sports Car” (1969, USA)
[06’05”] 05 Les MOGOL – “Madimak” (1971, Turkey)
[08’00”] 06 Syd BARRETT – “Golden Hair” (1970, England)
[09’50”] 07 Amon DÜÜl II – “The Return of Ruebezahl” (1968, Germany)
[11’20”] 08 Reg WALE- “Bright Spark” (1970, England)
[13’05”] 09 KLUSTER – “3” (1971, Germany)
[14’10”] 10 King CRIMSON – “Peace (A Theme)” (1970, England)

[Total Time: 31’05”]

Rough translation, back cover text:
“Get ready for a joyride: ‘Les Miniatures’ Volume 3 is here! As they say, “big things come in small packages,” and this is the proof. Travel from France to Italy to the United States to Germany to Japan, Turkey, Jamaica, Austria. . . around the world in half an hour! For a fast-paced world, there’s still time to enjoy the fullness of modern sounds on the cutting edge in music. It’s here, it’s ‘Les Miniatures!'”

Our second reissue from Musique du Monde’s nearly-forgotten ‘Les Miniatures’ series, ‘Volume 3’ comes to us from several years earlier than our first reissue, ‘Volume 12’, covering the years 1967 to 1971. But Musique du Monde had their finger no less on the pulse in ’71, and so here again, like the ‘Le Tour du Monde’ series you’ll find all the sophisticated pop stylings, proto-punk and art-rock energy, late psychedelic sensibility, sound library swing and punch, and krautrock mystery and dynamism that we’ve come to expect. But like all the other ‘Les Miniatures’ volumes, No. 3 brings all this to the listener in tracks under two minutes, twenty tracks in only thirty-one minutes. Originally issued as a 10″ LP, and especially scarce in these earlier volumes even at the time of their original release as a promo record to producers, musicians, critics, journalists and general style-setters, it’s was truly a lost gem–until now. Always eclectic, Musique here brings together acts as diverse as Ennio Morricone, Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Marley, King Crimon and the Velvet Underground, but not scrimping on the less-known (then) but no less revered (now) Nick Drake, Sagittarius, Hiro Yanagida, Roger Roger, The Shaggs, Kluster, and others. The brevity without compromise is perhaps even more appropriate for our world now than in ’71, as we are even more “fast-paced” than ever, and when we must foster the “fullness” of our musical appreciation when and where we can. We at the Musicophilia label are still just getting started with our reissues of this series (and of ‘Le Tour du Monde’)–no time to slow down now! — I. Sonnecomme, November 2008

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4 thoughts on “[Miniatures Series] – ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3′ (1967-1971)

  1. my faves from this mix: the gainsbourg film music, what a perfect marriage of tune & rhythm. the early bob marley, what a sad song, it sounds like the music of people who have suffered a lot, very oppressive. not at all like what we usually associate with reggae: a wide smile and a spliff. the kluster which sounds interesting and futuristic. and finally the king crimson from their second album. someone should make a mix of prog rock tracks which do not exceed the two minute mark.

  2. I listened to this during my lunch break today and it was damn near perfect. A nice mix of moody and upbeat stuff. Keeping each song short is a good idea for one of these, to keep it flowing…

    Thanks for the sounds!

  3. Thanks, Nick! That’s kind of what I had in mind with the various ‘Miniatures’ mixes–sometimes we just don’t have the time to devote, but we still want a full-featured listen. Hope you’ll like the others–and I’ve got three more ‘Les Miniatures’ mixes in the queue, and two new “Miniatures : Lullabies” mixes forthcoming.

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