[Miniatures Series] – ‘Lullaby No. 1’ (1957-2004)

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While rather more ambitious things are afoot, I thought we could start the new year on a mellow note.   So the ‘Miniatures‘ series is continued with ‘Lullaby No. 1,’ the first of two such mixes currently completed.  The structure is the same here as on previous ‘Miniatures’ mixes: two-minutes-or-less track lengths, and mixes under forty-five minutes.  For the most part eschewing the post-punk sounds and Musique du Monde miasma of the previous ‘Miniatures’ incarnations, this mix follows its title with songs drawn mostly from the quiet, spare worlds of folk and singer-songwriter music, sprinkled with softer samplings of the avant-garde, indie rock, traditional “world” folk music, and even a little proto-punk.  So while this mix mostly whispers, it does so in a Musicophilia-style breadth of musical languages.

In just under thirty-one minutes, you’ll hear 21 tracks from those you’d predict, like Nick Drake, Jeremy Enigk (from his ‘Return of the Frog Queen,’ a minor chamber-pop masterpiece you shouldn’t overlook due to emo associations), Bob Dylan, Big Star, Syd Barrett, Willie Nelson, Low, Mark Kozelek, Leo Kottke, and Cat Power; and also from some you might not expect, like the Modern Lovers, Bjork, a Burmese choir, a Bali gamelan orchestra, Can, Moondog, Tyrannocaurus Rex, and Felt.  Download link and tracklist after the “more…” link.

Various – Miniatures : Lullabies No. 1 (1957-2004)

01  [00:00]  Nick Drake – “Horn” (1972)
02  [01:19]  Jeremy Enigk – “Lewis Hollow” (1996)
03  [03:13]  Björk – “Show Me Forgiveness” (2004)
04  [04:33]  Sylvie Courvoisier – “Turoine” (2003)
05  [05:30]  Felt – “Red Indians” (1984)
06  [07:24]  Burmese Choir – “Kukburi Sifoa” (1974)
07  [08:36]  Low – “Try Try Try” (1995)
08  [09:07]  Bob Dylan – “Man On the Street” (1964)
09  [10:59]  Big Star – “Blue Moon” (1976)
10  [12:59]  Leo Kottke – “The Driving of the Year” (1971)
11  [14:53]  Modern Lovers – “Don’t Let Our Youth Go to Waste” (1972)
12  [16:29]  Moondog – “Sextet” (1957)
13  [17:57]  Bahaman Folk Musicians – “I Told You People Judgement Coming” (1965)
14  [18:48]  Syd Barrett – “She Took a Long Cold Look” (1970)
15  [20:36]  Willie Nelson – “Minuet in G” (1975)
16  [21:10]  Can – “Ethnological Forgery Series, No. 8” (1975)
17  [22:45]  Mark Kozelek – “Love Hungry Man” (2001)
18  [24:23]  Saka Acquaye – “Kenya Sunset” (1969)
19  [25:52]  Tyrannosaurus Rex – “The Misty Coast of Albany” (1969)
20  [27:20]  Bali Gamelan – “Tjatrik II” (1969)
21  [28:27]  Cat Power – “I Found a Reason” (2000)

[Total Time: 30:28]

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  1. Red said, on January 9, 2009 at 6:08 am

    Short to the point and nicely done. Many Thanks!!

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