[An Experiment] – ‘Musicophiliacs’ Group at Facebook

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on February 9, 2009

drum_bw1This may be unnecessary.  I may be overreaching like some old geezer who’s just read about “this Web 2.0 thing on the internets tube” and makes a MySpace band page for his chihuahua.  But having recently given in to signing over my soul at, and being keen to make Musicophilia more of a means for interacting with fellow addicts to sound: I’ve started a group called “Musicophiliacs” and I’d like to invite you to join.  It isn’t a group in any way devoted to this blog or the music it covers per se; I just like the (fake) word “musicophilia,” and its broad-umbrella possibilities–so I’m reusing it.  I’ve billed the group as:

“A place for music-loving friends to share mixes, make recommendations, post links, propagate the new and new-to-you, promote your own music and writing, etc.”

Maybe we’re all over-saturated and over-linked and our RSS readers are bursting at the seams already–but I thought we could give it a shot, and see if it could end up being a slightly more personal, personable way to share our mutual love of sound with a smaller community.   So please feel free to join in, link us to places of interest, invite other hard-core music geeks–we’ll see what we can do with it.


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  1. Erik said, on February 24, 2009 at 9:39 am

    Cool! Love what you’re doing, particularly the “Le Tour Du Monde” series.

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