[Blog Swap] – ‘Human Heads’ (Mixed by Ettiem)


Following my contribution from last week, ‘Tall Stories of Evil Gris-Gris,’ I’m proud to bring you the second part of Musicophilia’s (first) “blog swap” from my friend and mix-making hero Ettiem of the Gris Gris On Your Doorstep blog: ‘Human Heads‘.  Ettiem has said he mixes “with a mind toward soundtrackiness,” and his mastery of narrative flow (both on mixes and live) certainly inspired me to put extra care into my mixes over the years.  But Ettiem has an ability to create a compelling structure while retaining a rawer, dirtier, thicker energy than my own mixes ever achieve.  So if ‘Tall Stories of Evil Gris-Gris‘ was a scary story whispered at 4am in a swamp shack, ‘Human Heads‘ is a 70’s party-horror-action flick set on the road from the shack to the French Quarter during Mardi-Gras.  Despite beginning with birdsound, things quickly take a turn for the weird, hot and funky, and the beats don’t stop.  So take the ride–and don’t forget to look around at Gris Gris On Your Doorstep, grab some of the choice cuts he’s offering there, and maybe drop him a note asking for more killer mixes!

Heating up the humid air on ‘Human Heads’ are Cheval Fou, Verne Langdon, the Temptations doing their best freak-out, hot-shit Ultrafunk, The Ventures, Parliament, James Last, Brain Donor, Coloured Balls, proto-Italo heroes Chrisma channeling Neu, Savage Ressurection, Tommy James + The Shondells in an Ettiem remix, and War.  If you love hard funky beats, if you love strings, if you love thick basslines and fuzzed-out psych-Kraut madness, if you love dirty-but-tight mixing: don’t miss this one.  Full download and tracklist after the “more…” link.

Various Artists – Human Heads

Mixed by Ettiem

01  Cheval Fou – La Fin de la Vie (Country Florist Loops)
02  Verne Langdon – Sound Trip Through the Catacombs
03  Temptations – Psychedelic Shack
04  Ultrafunk – Buffalo Soldier
05  Ventures – He Never Came Back
06  Parliament – Funky Woman
07  James Last – Voodoo Ladys Love
08  Brain Donor – Pagan Dawn
09  Coloured Balls – That’s What Mama Said
10  Chrisma – C-Rock
11  Savage Resurrection – Thing in ‘E’
12  Tommy James + Shondells – Candymaker (Ettiemedit)
13  War – Gypsy Man

[Total Time: 53:00]

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5 thoughts on “[Blog Swap] – ‘Human Heads’ (Mixed by Ettiem)

  1. I’m just starting to sift my way through the various mixes here (limited internet connectivity is the name of the game here in the Tropics), but I wanted to chime in and say this blog swap was certainly a fair trade. I listened to both side-by-side and found lots to enjoy in both of them, despite being fairly different beasts. This “Human Heads” mix has a great immediacy and sense of humor; “Tall Stories…” by contrast is a bit more serious and demanding. Both are a treat to listen to. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for taking the time and effort to listen, Joel. I’m glad you’re finding it worth the while! I love Ettiem’s stuff, I’m honored he wanted to do the blog-swap. ‘Tall Stories’ definitely isn’t very tropical ; )

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