[One-Off] – ‘Electromance’ (1969-2006)

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Ah, the teenage rite of passage known as “the crush mix”.  Those doting collections of indie-pop/indie-folk love songs, usually given too early in a courtship, usually over-thought and overwrought with “meaning,” mostly the sort that says “I wanna be your lover” without daring say it (while inevitably including a track that has the word “love” in it but is actually about hookers or drugs or politics).  In truth, the whole mess was a lot of fun; but as I recall the results usually leave something to be desired musically–at least I’m pretty sure mine did, circa 1996.  So a couple of years ago, I put together a crush mix that honored the holy-cow-I’m-spinning awkwardness and intensity of youthful amore, but that eschewed the indie-centric blueprint for a broadly electronic orientation (while remaining accessible to the theoretical prospective girlfriend/boyfriend whose musical tastes remain mysterious).   So imagine this is a crush mix made by some precocious 17 year old who came up on bleeps and bloops instead of jangly guitars.  ‘Electromance’ is a little rougher than usual Musicophilia standard, as it wasn’t originally intended for a music-geek audience; and it has a little overlap with tracks featured on other mixes.  But I enjoyed it on rediscovery, and hopefully you will, too.  Record it to cassette and give it to your crush, and then sit around all week waiting to hear back, wondering if they’re getting all the careful subtext, and worrying about whether they’ll think the Depeche Mode track is sexy–or just kind of stalkerish.

Doing your wooing through ‘Electromance’ are: Silver Apples, Giorgio Moroder, Radiohead (a little indie, but a good track nevertheless), The Knife, Prefuse 73, Rachel’s, Herbert, Arthur Russell, Depeche Mode, Outkast, Burial, Prince, Vitalic, Suicide, Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson, Scritti Politti, Rebecca Gates, Portishead, Brian Eno, and Bjork.  Full tracklist and download after the “more…” link.

Various – ‘Electromance’ (1969-2006)

01.  Silver Apples  –  “I Have Known Love”  (1969) (3:49)
02.  Giorgio Moroder  –  “From Here to Eternity”  (1977) (4:11)
03.  Radiohead  –  “Worrywort”  (2001) (4:28)
04.  The Knife  –  “Heartbeats”  (2002) (3:51)
05.  Prefuse 73  –  “Why I Love You”  (2003) (2:38)
06.  Rachel’s  –  “Artemisia”  (1999) (2:37)
07.  Herbert  –  “The Audience”  (2001) (5:45)
08.  Arthur Russell  –  “Just a Blip”  (1985) (3:33)
09.  Depeche Mode  –  “I Want You Now”  (1987) (3:00)
10.  Outkast  –  “Love In War”  (2003) (2:56)
11.  Burial  –  “Distant Lights”  (2006) (2:18)
12.  Mos Def  –  “Climb”  (1999) (3:58)
13.  Prince  –  “I Wanna Be Your Lover”  (1979) (3:04)
14.  Vitalic  –  “U and I”  (2005) (2:23)
15.  Suicide  –  “Cheree” (Remix)  (1977) (3:20)
16.  Kraftwerk  –  “Computer Love”  (1981) (3:19)
17.  Laurie Anderson  –  “Walking & Falling”  (1982) (1:53)
18.  Scritti Politti  –  “The Sweetest Girl”  (1982) (4:16)
19.  Rebecca Gates  –  “Lure & Cast”  (2001) (3:16)
20.  Portishead  –  “It Could Be Sweet”  (1994) (4:15)
21.  Brian Eno  –  “By This River”  (1977) (2:30)
22.  Bjork  –  “Undo”  (2001) (5:41)

[Total Time: 77:00]

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  1. jenks said, on March 17, 2009 at 11:46 am

    This looks decidedly lovely


  2. […] tracks; and a new Deutsche Neue Welle in ‘81 mix.   There’s was also ‘Electromance,’ an accessible electronic pop mix; another album of my own work; and a unique guest-mix […]

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