[Guest-Mix] – ‘Spring2009Mix’ (By Richard)

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And now, as they say, for something completely different: Musicophilia’s 2nd guest-mix, graciously crafted and contributed by my old friend Richard, singer and songwriter of Portland, OR’s dream-pop band The Subcons (newer music here).  As you might have guessed from Musicophilia’s usual content, I mostly left behind the current day a long time ago; but as a working musician, Richard has got his ear to the ground, and brings Musicophilia a bit of the new with this mix.  Almost all of it is completely new to me, and my trainspotter ears hear a lot of fun things: plenty of prime Beach Boys, bits of Scotland’s Orange Juice or New Zealand “Pink Frost;” a little Buggles and Telex and Trio; some Tiny Tim, Vashti Bunyan, The Zombies, Marine Girls, and any number of quality cuts from the ‘Rushmore’ soundtrack, Mark Mothersbaugh included; and finally, touches from the last time I was current with current indie-pop, like The Minders, Kings of Convenience and Belle & Sebastian.  But the point is: it’s great sweet pop music, and definitely evocative of the onset of more verdant days.  I’ll turn it over to Rich:

Strikingly both familiar and new, the onset of spring has always felt so welcome and relieving. I think some of this music may affect the same way. Mozart used the phrase “gleich alles zusammen” to describe how he heard all the parts of a symphony he was writing all at once. So lovely to imagine taking it all in—perhaps this mix can accompany an upcoming outdoor excursion, where new sights and smells abound, helping to catalyze the beginning of spring in your life. Musicophiliacs may find some of this to be familiar territory laden with new ornamental trim. Others may find it wholly refreshing and invigorating. Wherever it takes you, make a point to anticipate a renewal, a tribute.

From the Swedes (Melpo Mene) to the Scots (Camera Obscura) and Welsh (Super Furry Animals), the Euro slant on springy popness can be sublime. Likewise for the Americans: whether east coast (Animal Collective, AC Newman, Grizzly Bear), midwest (Ghosty, Bird Names, Papercuts, Deastro), southern (Dent May, Canon Blue), or west coast (Coconut Records, Mirah, The Long Lost, M Ward), each region holds its own version of spring and its own odes to the beauty and newness of this time of year. All tracks were released within the last few months or will be in the next few.

Rich has been making his ‘SeasonYEARmixes’ for going on six years, and they can be found here.  For the full tracklist and download link, click the “more…” link below. [UPDATE: tracklist file was errant in all downloads prior to March 24th, the correct tracklist is below; a new download link has been created with a corrected file.]

Various – Spring2009Mix (By The Subcons) (2009)

01  [00:00]  Animal Collective – “My Girls” (2009)
02  [05:32]  Dent May – “Meet Me In the Garden” (2009)
03  [08:45]  AC Newman – “The Changeling (Get Guilty)” (2009)
04  [12:07]  Coconut Records – “Saint Jerome” (2009)
05  [14:50]  Super Furry Animals – “Inagural” (2009)
06  [19:51]  Ghosty – “Dumbo Wins Again” (2008)
07  [23:24]  Bird Names – “Defined Styles” (2009)
08  [26:32]  Papercuts – “Primitive” (2009)
09  [30:45]  Mirah – “Generosity” (2009)
10  [34:14]  Melpo Mene – “I Adore You” (2008)
11  [38:17]  Camera Obscura – “Swans” (2009)
12  [42:33]  The Long Lost – “The Art of Kissing” (2009)
13  [45:15]  M Ward – “For Beginners” (2009)
14  [48:07]  Grizzly Bear – “Knife” (2009)
15  [51:37]  Canon Blue – “Halcyon” (2008)
16  [56:40]  Deastro – “The Floating Cradle” (2009)

[Total Time: 60:40]

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