[Full Album] – Soundslike – ‘A Where Was And Isn’t Anymore’ (1999)

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Before spring wins out, winter gives it one last shot, and the night can seem colder than ever.  And so this album seems to fit, inspired by vast open spaces of a Southern winter night.  ‘A Where Was And Isn’t Anymore‘ is partly the sound of hiding in a cocoon of winter bedding, partly the sound of lonesome sojourn drives away from distant love; this brief album reflects the feeling of a transitional time and place in life.  If you have not heard ‘The Irish Sea‘ and ‘Complicity,’ I’d recommend you start with those more fully-formed works (previews of which have been added to the original posts).  But if you happen to enjoy them, you’ll probably find worth in this one.  Like those others, this is improvised music, created by impulse and instinct in my youth, when a lack of any ability to create music that reflected my tastes didn’t stop me.  I was beginning to listen to more expansive music, but I had no skill to replicate or reflect expanding influences.

Perhaps that was an advantage, as this music has no direct musical inspiration, but rather bypasses intellectual channels and reflects emotional (in)experience directly.  The music is spare, open, unadorned, with flashes of fire and ice; it was never really intended for an audience, but it might find a home with those who place value in simplicity and emotional honesty.  Improvised on an inexpensive Danelectro guitar and a cheap Korean acoustic over the course of three days in December, 1999, this album contains nine tracks over 25 minutes.  The track “Sleep” is previewed below.  Full tracklist and a download link are found at the “more…” link.

Sleep” (1999)

Soundslike  –  ‘A Where Was And Isn’t Anymore’ (1999)

01   “People I’ll Never Know”  (3:18)
02   “I Can Breathe in Winter”  (2:33)
03   “Chasing Lonely Headlights Home”  (3:32)
04   “Interlude”  (1:28)
05   “First Snow”  (1:35)
06   “The Empty Bed”  (4:07)
07   “Frost”  (1:29)
08   “Valentine”  (3:28)
09   “Sleep”  (3:17)

[Total Time: 24:47]

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