[Post-Punk Covers Classics] – Various – ‘No Heroes’ (1982)


Update February 2016: A remastered and expanded edition of ‘No Heroes’ has been created, and is available here to download or stream.  This post will remain up for posterity.

For a bunch of supposed futurist Marxist Modernist post-historical art-weirdos, the post-punk/New pop set were actually remarkably affectionate toward the music they grew up loving, “I Hate” graffiti t-shirts notwithstanding.  And not just toward their Can and Roxy Music and Lee “Scratch” Perry albums that they all had, naturally, when they were 13 years old proto-Art School students.  Sure, there’s an LP worth of voidoid Rolling Stones anti-covers of varying quality that can be pretty backhandedly complimentary in a Warhol sort of way.  But at least in music, if not rhetoric, there was a lot of love for the radio of recently-lost youth: for Motown, for psychedelic bands and garage (the “first punk” kind) rock, for the Beatles, even for the occasional movie theme and crooner standby.  The covers on this “newly discovered 2xLP” compilation “from 1982” are certainly not reverent, and few are straight (most are decidedly a little bent, befitting the zeitgeist), but few of them are detached, (wholly) ironic, or dismissive.

Post-punk is often quite catchy in its way, and so there’s plenty of singability, listenability, pop ability on display–some of which actually had some popular impact in the grand tradition of the commercial cover tune.  The Beatles get channeled by Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Feelies, and Hecter Zazou.  Lee Dorsey and Al Green are both faves, fueling Devo and Trio, Talking Heads and Orange Juice, respectively.  There’s Motown and funk love to spare, with A Certain Ratio, Flying Lizards, Soft Cell and The Slits being careful to avoid direct theft they can’t pull off, but honoring the sources with their own quirks firmly displayed.  Straight-up pop is in evidence with Lydia Lunch, Tom Tom Club, Lene Lovich, Plastics and Antena joining the Oldies parade–and even Psychedelic Furs tackling “Mack the Knife”.  As for the “I Hate Pink Floyd” sentiment, Dolphins aren’t having it, and The Pretenders clearly don’t hate the Kinks.  Lizy Mercier-Descloux and the Selecter take you to the movies, and XTC and The Cure of all people show Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix love.  The Gun Club reach back to Robert Johnson, and Siouxsie’s Creatures laud The Troggs.  Only Bauhaus and Japan cover material you’d think of as post-punk-approved–Eno and The Velvets–but they do it with aplomb.  I can’t say most of this music eclipses the originals–be sure to check below for links to all of the source tracks–but it’s all a lot of fun.  Full tracklist, artwork and download link–along with those originals links–at the “more…” link.


Various Artists – ‘No Heroes’
(2xLP Set, The Musicophilia Co., 1982)


A1  [00:00]  A Certain Ratio [Banbarra] – “Shack Up” (1981)
A2  [03:07]  Creatures [Chip Taylor] – “Wild Thing” (1981)
A3  [06:17]  Gun Club [Robert Johnson] – “Preaching Blues” (1981)
A4  [10:15]  Lydia Lunch [Buie, Cobb, Middlebrooks & Shapiro] – “Spooky” (1980)
A5  [12:45]  Yellow Magic Orchestra [The Beatles] – “Daytripper”  (1979)
A6  [15:28]  Tom Tom Club [Resnick & Young] – “Under The Boardwalk” (1981)


B1  [00:00]  Flying Lizards [Berry Gordy, Jr.] – “Money” (1978)
B2  [02:27]  The Feelies [The Beatles] – “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide…” (1980)
B3  [06:26]  Dolphins [Syd Barrett] – “She Took A Long Cold Look” (1981)
B4  [07:37]  The Cure [Jimi Hendrix] – “Foxy Lady” (1979)
B5  [09:20]  Psychedelic Furs [Weill & Brecht] – “Mack The Knife” (1980)
B6  [12:57]  Plastics [Boyce & Hart] – “Last Train to Clarksville” (1979)
B7  [15:54]  Japan [The Velvet Underground] – “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (1979)


C1  [00:00]  Lene Lovice [Ritchie Cordell] – “I Think We’re Alone Now” (1979)
C2  [02:40]  XTC [Bob Dylan] – “All Along the Watchtower” (1978)
C3  [07:19]  Hecter Zazou [The Beatles] – “Strawberry Fields Forever” (1979)
C4  [09:32]  Lizzy Mercier-Descloux [Lalo Schifrin] – “Mission Impossible 2.0” (1979)
C5  [11:51]  Antena [Antonio Carlos Jobim] – “The Boy From Ipanema”  (1982)
C6  [14:37]  Bauhaus [Brian Eno] – “Third Uncle” (1982)
C7  [19:30]  Pretenders [The Kinks] – “I Go To Sleep” (1981)


D1  [00:00]  Devo [Lee Dorsey] – “Working In A Coalmine” (1981)
D2  [02:38]  Selecter [Monty Norman] – “James Bond” (1980)
D3  [04:57]  Soft Cell [Holland, Dozier & Holland] – “Where Did Our Love Go?” (1981)
D4  [08:01]  Trio [Lee Dorsey] – “Ya Ya” (1981)
D5  [10:17]  Talking Heads [Al Green] – “Take Me To The River”  (1978)
D6  [15:08]  The Slits [Strong & Whitfield] – “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (1979)
D7  [19:01]  Orange Juice [Al Green] – “L-O-V-E Love” (1982)

[Total Time: 87:45]

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14 thoughts on “[Post-Punk Covers Classics] – Various – ‘No Heroes’ (1982)

  1. On a similar theme, here’s the 1st of two Anemicinema compilations:


    01 modern jazz – whole lotta shaking (bill haley and the comets cover
    02 d imthi ngs – superstition (stevie wonder cover
    03 viva voce – she’s lost control uoy division cover),mp3
    04 dakar grinser – i wanna be your dog (iggy pop cover),mp3
    05 absolute body control – back to nature (fad gadget cover),mp3
    06 icehouse – being boiled (human league cover),mp3
    07 hybrid kids – d ya think i·m sexy (rod stewart coverl,mpl
    08 ladies who lunch – bull in the heather (version 2) (sonic youth cover),mp3
    09 sun yama – subterranean homesick blues (bob dylan cover),mp3
    10 plastics – last train to clarksvilie (the monkees cover), mp3
    11 indians in moscow – the price of love {the everly brothers cover),mp3
    13 data bank a – sister eu rope (psychedel ic furs cover), mpl
    14 polyphonic size – mother’s little hel per {rolling stones cover).mp3
    15 stephan eicher – sweet jane (velvet underground coverl,mpl
    16 stupid set – hello i love you (doors cover),mp3
    17 the new ages – 2525 (zager and evans coverl,mpl
    18 telex – ca plane pour moi (plastic bertrand coverl.mpl

  2. Very cool! Who put that together? I don’t know half of those, looks like a nice partner to my more introductory/obvious set.

  3. I’m missing a few tracks from this second installment, and I don’t know my obscure new wave bands well enough to know how many of these date to the early post-punk era (there is one Nirvana cover).

    Oddly, Anemicinema lists Joe Crow’s “Compulsion” as a Tuxedomoon cover? I can’t find it in their discography.


    1. Second Glance — You Really Got a Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson)
    2. Pseudo Electronixx — Back in the USSR (Beatles)
    3. Psychobod — I Only Have Eyes for You (Art Garfunkel?)
    4. L’Aventure Imaginaire — Cos I love You (Slade)
    5. Second Decay — You Will Always Find Me in Kitchens (Jona Lewie)
    6. Distain! — Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
    7. LB — Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
    8. Fragments — Nut Bush City Limits (Tina Turner)
    9. Psyche — Che (Suicide)
    10. Aaron Sutcliffe — Money Honey (Elvis)
    12. Pinker Tone — Louie Louie (Kingsmen)
    14. Joe Crow — Compulsion (Tuxedomoon???)

  4. It’s gone down twice, when even once is very unusual. So I believe someone is asking Mediafire to remove them. I’m hoping they’ll identify which track(s) offend, so I can remove them and put up the rest again. Sorry for the inconvenience. . .

  5. ahhhhh—you have to get this working again.
    i want to download this!
    can’t find it anywhere esle!!

  6. Wish I could, B., but it must’ve offended someone, though I was never told what the problem was in particular : \

  7. Sorry : \

    Apparently somebody really didn’t want the mix shared, though they never identified themselves or asked me to remove the offending element, because it was deleted from Mediafire twice.

  8. Any chance this will be available again anytime? Can some lucky soul who did get it post it again? I would be very thankful :)

  9. Unfortunately, it disappeared both times I uploaded it, so it appears someone unwilling to identify themselves didn’t want it made available. Sorry : \

  10. such a pity this one is not available anymore; still: many many thanks for sharing so many superb music with us. very well-done and i like the “faux” series a lot (great artwork, too)

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