[One-off] – Can – ‘The Church of Latter-Day Can, Book One’ (1975-1979)

Posted in Mixes, Talking by Soundslike on June 14, 2009


If you’re listening here at Musicophilia, odds are you’re a devotee of Can’s early records.  But the ‘received wisdom’ says that the later Can is vastly inferior, perhaps not even worth listening to, and so many people have never looked past the first few albums.  I know it took me years before I explored beyond ‘Soon Over Babaluma,’ and a little while further before it could hit me on its own terms. It’s true, the later albums are not what their early albums are, as so little is; when Can began, they were essentially inventing a whole new sound and aesthetic almost from scratch.  But if later-day Can were a separate band free to create its own legacy, I believe ‘Can II’ would be held in equal esteem alongside the “Krautrock” bands that rate just behind early Can, like Faust, Neu! and Cluster, certainly up there with Harmonia, early Kraftwerk, Agitation Free and La Dusseldorf.  And as much as post-punkers no doubt loved their copies of ‘Ege Bamyasi‘ and ‘Tago Mago,’ the truth is this music sounds more post-punk, as it’s tapping into the same diverse sounds–funk, dub, reggae, Afrobeat, sundry “world musics,” and surely not least disco–as the best post-punk would do a couple years later.  So give it a try–just please support the artists, do yourself the favor, and buy the albums you may have missed.  (And it almost  goes without saying, if you don’t know Can well already–run, don’t walk, and buy the first few albums as soon as possible.  Then come back to this music after your mind has exploded and you’ve put it back together as best you can.)  A second mix will follow shortly of extra- and post-Can tracks and collaborations by members of Can during the post-punk and new wave years.  Tracklist and download link after the break, for a limited time. I ask that if you enjoy the music found on this mix, you purchase the relevant albums, and remove the mix from your devices–please.

Can – “Aspectacle” (1979)

Can – The Church of Latter-Day Can, Book One (1975-1979)

01. Can – Red Hot Indians [Landed, 1975] (5:38)
02. Can – Half Past One [Landed, 1975] (4:39)
03. Can – Smoke [Flow Motion, 1976] (5:20)
04. Can – I Want More [Flow Motion, 1976] (3:34)
05. Can – Animal Waves [Saw Delight, 1977] (15:30)
06. Can – Sunshine Day And Night [Saw Delight, 1977] (5:51)
07. Can – Give Me No Roses [Out of Reach, 1978] (5:21)
08. Can – One More Day [Out of Reach, 1978] (1:37)
09. Can – Serpentine [Out of Reach, 1978] (4:03)
10. Can – All Gates Open [Can, 1979] (8:19)
11. Can – Aspectacle [Can, 1979] (5:52)
12. Can – Safe [Can, 1979] (8:36)

[Total Time: 74:20]

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  3. braveclub said, on July 15, 2009 at 8:59 am

    “I ask that if you enjoy the music found on this mix, you purchase the relevant albums, and remove the mix from your devices–please.”

    …but the albums are out of print, aren’t they?

  4. Soundslike said, on July 15, 2009 at 9:08 am

    All of the Can albums except ‘Out of Reach’ are in print, with quality remasters done a few years back. The post-Can stuff is significantly OOP, but some (Karoli, Czukay, Phantom Band from ’84, Eurythmics, Rother) are in print. So–if you dig it, buy it if you can : )

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  6. adam smith said, on May 15, 2010 at 3:37 am

    dude, thanks for this. I’m totally with you on the later Can taboo. this stuff is gold.

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