[Singer-Songwriter] – ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’ – Vol. 3 & 4 (1967-1976)

Update August, 2017: All of the ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’ mixes have been collected, along with two new volumes, and can be downloaded here.  Hope you’ll enjoy!  Three years on from the first two volumes (‘His Heart Had Six Strings‘ and ‘Her Heart Had Six Strings‘) here are the third and fourth volumes in Musicophilia’s singer-songwriter series exploring the surprising depth and alluring warmth of the post-folk-revival scene as artists came to trust their own voices and the ability of the guitar-and-voice core to take on wide-ranging influences.  While the music is certainly lovely, there’s a lot of sophistication and variety on display here, with roughly equal parts American and British participation drawing from their unique but intermingling traditions.  These two volumes feature 35 more brilliant artists/acts, some very well known, others prized jewels, and yet others virtually unknown.  I hope you’ll enjoy, and pass it on!  Stream, download with artwork and full tracklist after the “more…” link.  Update: had the wrong download link before–too out of the habit, forget how this is done!  Corrected now.

To all those still sticking with Musicophilia as we’ve gone from a mix every couple weeks to a couple every year: thanks for listening!  I hope these sounds will add a little something to your end of the year.   As always, I’m always listening to as much music as I can, and making mixes in my mind.  I’ll do my best to share all that “real life” allows!  As always, I greatly appreciate any tips on artists or albums you think me and other Musicophiliacs would enjoy!

Various – ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’

Volume 3
01  [00:00]  Townes Van Zandt – “Highway Kind” (Demo) (Sunshine Sessions, 1971)
02  [02:14]  The Pentangle – “Sally Free and Easy” (Solomon’s Seal, 1972)
03  [06:08]  Mickey Newbury – “T. Total Tommy” (Looks Like Rain, 1969)
04  [09:56]  Tim Buckley – “Moulin Rouge” (Starsailor, 1970)
05  [11:50]  Bonnie Raitt – “Thank You” (Bonnie Raitt, 1971)
06  [14:40]  Tia Blake – “I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow” (Folksongs & Ballads, 1971)
07  [17:20]  Bob Desper – “Dry Up Those Tears”  (New Sounds, 1974)
08  [20:28]  Michael Hurley – “Troubled Water” (Armchair Boogie, 1971)
09  [22:34]  Ruthann Friedman – “Danny” (Constant Companion, 1969)
10  [24:20]  Rodriguez – “To Whom It May Concern” (Coming From Reality, 1971)
11  [27:38]  Tax Free – “Day Revealed Your Face” (Tax Free, 1971)
12  [30:28]  Lo Borges – “Homem de Rua” (Lo Borges, 1972)
13  [32:26]  John Martyn – “Go Down Easy” (Solid Air, 1973)
14  [36:03]  Carol Kleyn – “Street Song” (Love Has Made Me Stronger, 1976)
15  [38:32]  Gary Higgins – “Stable the Spuds” (Red Hash, 1973)
16  [43:50]  Susan Christie – “Echo In Your Mind” (Paint A Lady, 1967)
17  [47:03]  Wizz Jones – “Slow Down to My Speed”  (The Legendary Me, 1970)
18  [50:10]  Nick Drake – “At The Chime of a City Clock” (Bryter Later, 1970)

[Total Time: 54:56]

Volume 4

01  [00:00]  Lou Reed – “I Love You” (Lou Reed, 1972)
02  [02:15]  Susan Pillsbury – “Highway” (Susan Pillsbury, 1973)
03  [04:40]  Richie Havens – “High Flyin’ Bird” (Mixed Bag, 1967)
04  [08:12]  David Bixby – “Morning Sun” (Ode to Quetzalcoatl, 1969)
05  [11:47]  Larry Jon Wilson – “Things Ain’t What They Used To Be”  (New Beginnings, 1975)
06  [14:47]  These Trails – “Rapt Attention” (These Trails, 1973)
07  [17:00]  Nilsson – “I’ll Never Leave You” (Nilsson Schmilsson, 1970)
08  [21:09]  John Prine – “Hello In There” (John Prine, 1971)
09  [25:37]  Ted Lucas – “I’ll Find A Way To Carry It All” (Ted Lucas, 1975)
10  [29:02]  Jim Sullivan – “Plain As Your Eyes Can See” (U.F.O., 1969)
11  [31:27]  Michael Chapman – “You Say” (Rainmaker, 1969)
12  [35:06]  Heaven & Earth – “Jenny” (Refuge, 1973)
13  [38:22]  Shuggie Otis – “Strawberry Letter” (Freedom Flight, 1971)
14  [42:15]  Dillard & Clark – “So Sad” (Through the Morning, Through the Night, 1969)
15  [45:36]  Bob Dylan – “If Not For You” (Alternate) (Another Self Portrait, 1970)
16  [48:05]  Jerry Moore – “Life Is A Constant Journey Home” (Life Is A Constant Journey Home, 1967)
17  [52:26]  Judee Sill – “Lopin Along Thru the Cosmos”  (Judee Sill, 1971)

[Total Time: 55:35]

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6 thoughts on “[Singer-Songwriter] – ‘Their Hearts Had Six Strings’ – Vol. 3 & 4 (1967-1976)

  1. Sean, thanks for pointing that out, and for listening! I’m out of the habit of all the steps involved in publishing a mix, link is fixed now. Enjoy!

  2. Oh, hey I didn’t realize it was Sean from Said the Gramophone. You’re probably the only person who ever really liked the ‘Still’ mix, which is one of the closest to my heart. Thanks again for all the support–hope these new mixes do it for you : )

  3. Just wanted to take a second and stop by to thank you. I’m working from home today and finally got to listen to Vols 1-4. I have to say these mixes are stunningly beautiful. I listened to one great song following another. I can’t believe I haven’t heard most of them before, that I haven’t even heard of most of the artists before. I always thought I knew a wide range of music through the decades and genres…ha, how wrong I was! Amazing collection – I’d love to hear a behind-the-scenes special. How did you find these gems? :) Thanks for the great music…

  4. So glad you heard so much that was new to you and that you enjoyed! The Singer-Songwriter mixes in particular are made up of things I’ve discovered over twenty years of serious music-buying. Not really sure how I hear new things–I think it just takes finding the record shops you really trust, who take a curatorial approach and will tell you honestly whether you’ll like something or not; finding the labels that you trust (especially in the realm of reissues), and buying a lot of music. I guess it’s why I make these mixes–hoping they’ll be a shortcut for people, allowing them to jump straight to all the good stuff when they go out to buy music : )

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