[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Nouveau Son’ – Vol. 4 (1969-1976)

On my latest trip to Paris, in a little hole-in-the-wall in the Montparnasse, I chanced upon another forgotten compilation from the venerable Musique du Monde label, which has also given us the ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ series, ‘Les Miniatures,’ ‘Le Mystere de la Musiqe,’ and ‘Les Rythmes du Monde. . .  Ok, I admit it.  There is no Musique du Monde, sad to say (nor do I make it to Paris very often, sadder to say).  Truth is, these are some of the hundreds of tracks I’ve earmarked over the last few years (along with a few old favorites I never mixed before).  Making mixes with any regularity hasn’t been feasible, but I’ve continued to seek out new music as voraciously as ever.  Over the last few years I’ve had the good fortune to live in Portland, Rome, New York, Chicagoland and now New England, and I’ve collected the tracks I feature at Musicophilia at some of my favorite shops (Exiled, Soul Food, Rockit Scientist R.I.P., Dusty Groove, Weirdo Records).  These are some of the tracks that that have really stuck with me, and I think anyone who is still listening will be pleased.  Those unbelievable beats and hooks are there, as usual (some of the best, in fact), and there’s an emphasis on the synthesizer, but on the whole ‘Le Nouveau Son’ is an enchanting, mysterious an moody, late night affair.  The second disc especially enters deep into goosebump territory, the realm of the timeless.  I hope you enjoy–spread the word, and as always, please support these artists and the labels that reissue their work.   Tracklist and download after the “more…” link.  Edit: download link corrected.

Artists featured include Todd Rundgren, Silver Apples, Ananda Shankar, Eroc, 10cc, Amon Duul II (sounding rather post-punk, a la Television), John Cale, Syreeta (with Stevie Wonder), Duncan Browne, Hall & Oates, Sensations Fix, Catherine Ribeiro, Francisco (who also does quite amazing abstract work), Brian Eno, Placebo (whose Marc Moulin is the Zelig of Belgian art rock/jazz–look him up and you’ll see what I mean), Harry Nilsson, Marcos Valle, Roxy Music, Wolfgang Dauner, D.R. Hooker, These Trails, Tim Buckley, Franco Battiato, Michael Chapman, Jacqueline Thibault, and Comus (sounding nothing like you’ll expect, if you’ve only heard their first LP).

Various Artists – ‘Le Nouveau Son,’ Volume Four
(Musique du Monde, France – 1976)

Disque A

01  [00:00]  Todd RUNDGREN – “International Feel” (A Wizard, a True Star, 1973)  United States
02  [02:45]  Silver APPLES – “You and I” (Contact, 1969)  United States
03  [05:43]  Ananda SHANKAR – “Snow Flower” (Snow Flower, 1970)  India
04  [08:40]  EROC – “Abenfrienden” (Eroc 1, 1975)  Germany
05  [10:52]  10cc – “The Worst Band In the World”  (Sheet Music, 1974)  England
06  [13:38]  Amon DUUL II – “Trap” (Vive la Trance, 1974)  Germany
07  [17:15]  John CALE – “Sylvia Said” (Fear, 1974)  Wales
08  [21:19]  SYREETA – “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” (Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta, 1974)  United States
09  [25:41]  Duncan BROWNE – “Ragged Rain Life” (Duncan Browne, 1973)  England
10  [28:37]  Hall & OATES – “When the Morning Comes” (Abandoned Luncheonette, 1973)  United States
11  [31:35]  Sensations Fix – “Do You Love Me?”  (Fragments of Light, 1974)  Italy
12  [34:43]  Catherine RIBEIRO – “Un Regard Clair” (L’Home des Champs, 1974)  France
13  [39:13]  FRANCISCO – “Heal Yourself”  (Cosmic Beam Experience, 1976)  United States
14  [43:34]  Brian ENO – “The Big Ship” (Another Green World, 1974)  England

Disque B

01  [00:00]  PLACEBO – “Balek” (1973, 1973)  Belgium
02  [04:23]  Harry NILSSON – “Black Sails (Alternate)” (Unreleased, 1974)  United States
03  [06:54]  Marcos VALLE – “Mais do Que Valsa” (Previsao do Tempo, 1973)  Brazil
04  [09:40]  Roxy MUSIC – “Pyjamarama” (7″ Single, 1973)  England
05  [12:42]  Wolfgang DAUNER – “Kamasutram”  (Rischkas Soul, 1972)  Germany
06  [16:25]  D.R. HOOKER – “Forge Your Own Chains” (The Truth, 1972)  United States
07  [20:50]  These TRAILS – “Psyche I & Share Your Water” (These Trails, 1973)  United States
08  [26:13]  Tim BUCKLEY – “Song to the Siren” (Starsailor, 1970)  United States
09  [29:44]  Franco BATTIATO – “Aria di Rivoluzione” (Sulle Corde di Aries, 1973)  Italy
10  [34:31]  Michael CHAPMAN – “Night Drive” (Wrecked Again, 1972)  England
11  [38:19]  Jacqueline THIBAULT – “Lover’s Prayer”  (Evening Colours, 1976)  France
12  [41:31]  COMUS – “To Keep From Crying” (To Keep From Crying, 1974)  England

[Total Time: 93:40]

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