[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Monde du Funk’ (1973-1977)


Just in time to say goodbye to a year that has seemed like an endless winter, here’s a little summer sunshine.  Picking up threads of the ‘Le Tour du Monde‘ and other ‘Musique du Monde‘ series but a few years later, and a close (if perhaps mellower) cousin to the Daft Punk tribute mix ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream,’ ‘Le Monde du Funk’ explores the warm world of the mid-to-late-70s where funk, jazz, fusion, art rock, folk and pop met worldwide in mutual love for the electric piano, the analogue synth, the active bass, the funky beat, and the melodic hook.  It’s a sound that is forward looking without being coolly futurist (that would come a bit later), highly skilled but all about having fun, and accessible while adventuring past all genre boundaries.  It’s funk, but defined in the broadest terms.

‘Le Monde du Funk’ glides over four sides, featuring Musicophilia mainstays like Hamilton Bohannon, Can, Colin Blunstone, Space Art, Giorgio Moroder (as Munich Machine), Jean-Michel Jarre, Scott Walker (nominally with the Walker Brothers) and Haruomi Hosono–some sounding rather different than their best-known selves–along with the Jan Hammer Group, Herbie Hancock, Parliament, Baris Manco, 801 (Phil Manzanera), Al Stewart, Simone, William DeVaughn, Hall & Oates, Dexter Wansel, Les McCann, and Azymuth.  The US, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, France, Japan and England are all well represented.  (And the tracks I had to cut were just as good as what stayed in, and I’ve got another mix of the same vibe from the early to mid 80s percolating, so hopefully more to come.)

At the “more…” link below you can stream the mix, check the full tracklist, and download the mix. As always, if you like what you hear, please pass it along and support the artists and labels who made all this fantastic noise.


Various – ‘Le Monde du Funk’ Volume 9
1973-1979 | Musique du Monde


01  [00:00]  Jan HAMMER GROUP – “Don’t You Know” (Melodies, 1977)
02  [02:37]  Herbie HANCOCK – “I Thought It Was You” (Directstep, 1979)
03  [09:11]  PARLIAMENT – “Placebo Syndrome” (Funketelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome, 1977)
04  [13:44]  Haruomi HOSONO – “Bara To Yajuu” (Hosono House, 1973)
05  [18:04]  Baris MANCO – “Gesi Baglari” (Yeni Bir Gun, 1979)


06  [22:45]  801 – “Listen Now” (Listen Now, 1977)
07  [28:35]  Al STEWART – “Midas Shadow” (Year of the Cat, 1976)
08  [31:23]  Space ART – “Melodie Moderne” (“Nous Savans Tout/Melodie Moderne”, 1978)
09  [36:54]  CAN – “Sunday Jam” (Can, 1978)
10  [41:10]  SIMONE – “Jura Secreta” (Face A Face, 1977)


11  [45:43]  Hamilton BOHANNON – “I Found My Love on a Saturday” (On My Way, 1977)
12  [49:25]  Colin BLUNSTONE – “Never Even Thought” (Never Even Thought, 1978)
13  [54:55]  William DEVAUGHN – “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got” (Be Thankful For What You’ve Got, 1974)
14  [60:41]  Walker BROTHERS – “Nite Flights” (Nite Flights, 1978)
15  [64:58]  Munich MACHINE – “Bolectro”  (Body Shine, 1979)


16  [68:57]  Hall & OATES – “Alone Too Long” (Daryl Hall & John Oates, 1975)
17  [72:17]  Dexter WANSEL – “Theme From the Planets” (Life on Mars, 1976)
18  [77:12]  Jean-Michel JARRE – “Oxygene IV” (Oxygene, 1976)
19  [81:04]  Les MCCANN – “Sometimes I Cry” (Layers, 1973)
20  [86:36]  AZYMUTH- “Linha Do Horizonte” (Azimuth, 1975)

[Total Time: 1:30:23]

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