[Chicago] – ‘Old Souls Part III’ (2015-2019)


Stream the mix while you read; download at the bottom of this post.

Old Souls Part III‘ is a celebration of what for me is the center of the musical world in 2019: the city of Chicago. The brilliant artists featured here are making timeless music that moves me deeply. This art is personal, political, hopeful, struggling, heart-breaking and heart-mending. These Chicago musicians bring the knowledge of musical history to bear as they shape the future, and Jazz, soul, golden-era hip-hop are masterfully woven with futurist electronics and experimentation: there are no limits, and the results are stunning.

As a much as I love the world-wide music of ‘Part I‘ and ‘Part II,’ this mix crackles with an intensity that reflects the concentration of so much talent and vision from a single place. I don’t know if a “Chicago sound” can be construed from this mix–honestly, the sounds are too unique to pin it down like that. But a feeling of Chicago’s immensity and yet relative isolation and singularity may be there. It’s a place whose history and present contains multitudes. I do feel like the mix achieves the feeling of being somewhere, a time and place that matters. I can’t really pin down the greatness of this music, or offer insight, but I don’t have to: this musicspeaks for itself, and I hope listening moves you, too. I can only thank the artists for putting so much of themselves into the world.

Download/stream below the tracklist. As with ‘Old Souls,’ parts I and II, this music is made by working artists who all deserve your support. So please, please, buy the music and merch, go to shows, and propagate the art to everyone who needs to hear it. I’ve included links to the artists’ Bandcamp pages (where available) in the tracklist below. Thank you for listening.

Various – ‘Old Souls Part III – Chicago’
01 [0:00:00] Roy Kinsey – “Citadel Blues” (‘Blackie’, 2018)
02 [0:04:30] Freddie – “What We Do” (‘All Black Trill Shit’, 2017)
03 [0:07:55] Pete Sayke – “The Optics” (‘Heaven Can Wait’, 2017)
04 [0:10:00] Free Snacks – “Give It Back” (‘Eat Good EP’, 2018)
05 [0:14:45] Nnamdi Ogbannaya – “Cindy Oso” (‘Drool’, 2017)
06 [0:17:40] Noname – “Part Of Me” (‘Room 25’, 2018)
07 [0:20:50] Jamila Woods – “Zora” (‘Legacy! Legacy!’, 2019)
08 [0:23:55] Mykele Deville – “Black Maker Make” (‘Peace, Fam’, 2017)
09 [0:27:25] Tasha – “Lullaby” (‘Alone At Last’, 2018)
10 [0:30:55] Open Mike Eagle – “Feel At Home” (‘Brick Body Kids…’, 2017)
11 [0:35:10] Mister Wallace – “In the Deep” (‘Cool Mom’, 2018)
12 [0:37:10] Ajani Jones – “Figaro” (‘Astrals EP’, 2016)
13 [0:40:43] Udababy – “Nautilus” (‘Udababy EP’, 2019)
14 [0:43:55] Mohawk Johnson – “Relapse” (‘The Relapse EP’, 2018)
15 [0:48:20] Saba – “Heaven All Around Me” (‘Care For Me’, 2018)
16 [0:51:50] Malci – “Bad Liquor” (‘Do You Know Yourself’, 2017)
17 [0:54:40] Kweku Collins – “Life” (‘Worlds Away EP’, 2015)
18 [0:57:40] JusSol – “Ketchup & Mustard” (‘Solmate EP’, 2018)
19 [1:00:25] Max Wonders – “Vices” (‘Hues To Blame’, 2016)
20 [1:03:10] Femdot – “U Learn” (‘Delacreme 2’, 2018)
21 [1:07:40] Yusef Ra – “Yusef” (‘P’s & Q’s’, 2018)
22 [1:11:25] Brittney Carter – “Breakthrough” (‘Hooligan/Breakthrough EP’, 2019)
23 [1:15:10] Lin Z – “XXXXXX” (‘Awetumn EP’, 2016)
24 [1:18:15] Sol Patches – “Yob Culture” (‘Garden City’, 2018)
25 [1:22:20] Ravyn Lenae – “Sticky” (‘Crush EP’, 2018)
26 [1:25:30] Sulaiman – “Already Dead” (‘Intention & Obstacle EP’, 2018)
27 [1:28:35] Iris Temple – “Overgrown” (‘Duality EP’, 2016)
28 [1:32:00] Mick Jenkins – “Pull Up” (‘Pieces of a Man’, 2018)
29 [1:35:50] Lando Chill – “Maya” (‘Maya, Maia, Mayu EP’, 2018)
[Total Time: 1:40:36]

Download ‘Old Souls Part III’ Here (232MB)

Stream here:

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3 thoughts on “[Chicago] – ‘Old Souls Part III’ (2015-2019)

  1. I’ve been a longtime collector of all your mixes, I think your archive is the most consistently fantastic on the web. But I wanted to spare a moment to encourage you to explore this concept of “Old Souls”, “Four Ethers” and “The Fire” further. It is a very fitting addition to your work and taste buds, and it works a treat. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Wow, thank you Finn! And thank you particularly for voicing interest in the contemporary-focused mixes. It’s been a real joy to hear new music that moves me as much as all the “old stuff” I love. So it’s great to know others are enjoying it, too!

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