[Age] ‘Late’ (2005-2019)



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I recently turned forty, and honestly, given the state of the world, I think we all feel about four-hundred.  I’ve been old since I was young anyway, so it works for me.  But it got me thinking: I’m inescapably classified as just-plain “adult” now, no modifier anymore (“young”).  And while music made by young people–especially these days–is crucial and essential in keeping hope for the future, and makes up most of what Musicophilia is focused on these days, it’s made me think about how music isn’t just for the young.

Late‘ (2005-2019) is a mix of music made by artists I loved in my youth (by the time I was 20), but comprised of  their “later work,” when they were past the age of 40.  “Later work” is often a de facto insult, implying music past an artists’ “prime;” and yet, listening hear, I hear nothing but prime.  Nothing, perhaps, except added layers of emotional experience, that come across with remarkable emotional impact.  I hadn’t thought of it that way until it all came together–I was just inspired by the feeling that musically, a lot of the artists I loved when I was young had fully kept their artistic inspiration and edge.  But I realized, hearing all this front-to-back, that (even in the uptempo tracks) there is a perspective here that differs from the artists’ younger music, even if it’s not explicit in the lyrics, even if it’s just in the sounds.  There’s a strength in a lot of these songs’ voices, the kind that has no need to declare itself, the kind that knows how to bend so as not to break.  There are scars, maybe some gray hairs, all well earned, and I find it all very beautiful.  I hope you will, too, whatever your age.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. Please, please, buy music (don’t just Spotify) at local shops, independent online sellers, Bandcamp et al. You have to stream thousands of times to make artists even pennies–buying music puts much-needed money into artists’ and labels hands immediately. Many of these albums are in print, or are at least available digitally. Thank you for listening, and please pass it on.

Various – ‘Late’


01 [0:00:00] David Bowie – “Lazarus” (‘Blackstar’ 2016)
02 [0:06:20] My Bloody Valentine – “In Another Way” (‘MBV’ 2013)
03 [0:11:50] Shelleyan Orphan – “Bodysighs” (‘We Have Everything…’ 2008)
04 [0:16:40] D’Angelo & The Vanguard – “The Charade” (‘Black Messiah’ 2014)
05 [0:19:50] Low – “Fly” (‘Double Negative’ 2018)
06 [0:25:35] Kate Bush – “Snowflake” (’50 Words for Snow’ 2011)
07 [0:35:15] Nick Cave – “Jubilee Street” (‘Push The Sky Away’ 2013)
08 [0:41:35] Sam Phillips – “So Close” (‘World On Sticks’ 2018)
09 [0:45:00] Flaming Lips – “Turning VIolent” (‘The Terror’ 2013)
10 [0:49:15] Portishead – “The Rip” (‘Third’ 2008)
11 [0:53:40] Mazzy Star – “Seasons Of Your Day” (‘Seasons Of Your Day’ 2013)

12 [0:57:15] Bjork – “Black Lake” (‘Vulnicura’ 2015)
13 [1:07:25] Daft Punk – “Motherboard” (‘Random Access Memories’ 2013)
14 [1:13:00] A Tribe Called Quest – “Conrad Tokyo” (‘We Got It From Here’ 2016)
15 [1:16:30] Beck – “Defriended” (‘Defriended’ EP 2013)
16 [1:20:25] Cavern of Anti-Matter – “Kool Boy Narcosis” (‘Blood-Drums’ 2013)
17 [1:23:20] Neneh Cherry – “Soldier” (‘Broken Politics’ 2018)
18 [1:27:40] Rustin Man – “Our Tomorrow” (‘Drift Code’ 2019)
19 [1:32:15] Nine Horses – “Wonderful World” (‘Snow Borne Sorrow’ 2005)
20 [1:38:10] Erykah Badu – “Hello” (‘But You Cain’t Use My Phone’ 2015)
21 [1:43:15] Slowdive – “Falling Ashes” (‘Slowdive’ 2017)
22 [1:51:10] Radiohead – “True Love Waits” (‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ 2016)


[Total Time: 1:55:43]


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