[Post-Punk] ‘Metallic Post-Punk’ (1976-1985)



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Punk and metal, we’re told, are opposites, even arch-enemies.  But to anyone who isn’t desperately clinging to either one in their narrowest-possible, caricature-like definitions, it’s pretty obvious they have plenty in common.  Advance from punk to artier, far-less-strictured (musically and aesthetically) post-punk, and the supposed gulf dries up that much more.  ‘Metallic Post-Punk‘ (1976-1985) is intended as a an introduction to post-punk for those coming from metal.  It was created for my dear brother-in-law, a life-long metalhead; by me, a person who missed out on metal as a young person and, admittedly, later on got caught up making assumptions about it based on its caricature (probably akin to if someone defined post-punk by Blink 182), as an attempt to bridge the supposed gap, that I hoped would appeal to his eclecticism and passion, and that of any metal fan with similarly open ears.

The focus here is on the darker, often heavier and more guitar-oriented sides of post-punk, which (from my still quite nascent, but developing understanding of metal) connects very direction via a Gothic sensibility (if not a “Goth” subcultural sense).  That said, “doom and gloom” would oversimplify things greatly.  For the overarching nocturnal sensibility, there’s playfulness, humor, longing, anger, anguish, joy, and perhaps most of all a raw, visceral energy pulsing through every track. Certainly few of these tracks would be mistaken for metal qua metal–seems like the vocal sensibility remains the biggest divider–but I hope that energy above all else will prove appealing to those who don’t yet know their Gang of Four from their  Young Marble Giants.  Contrary to any perception of post-punk as all art(ifice) and no gut–these tracks most definitely rock.

There’s a lot of heavy-hitter classic tracks here, and so inevitably some overlap with previous Musicophilia post-punk mixes (especially the ‘1979‘ and ‘1981‘ Amplifier and Brain mixes).  But pulled together here into an epic single mix (comprised of three one-hour parts), I hope even for those already familiar with most of the music, the new context will add depth and connections to tracks you know well.  I hope you’ll enjoy, and pass it on to your metal-loving friends–and I’d love to hear your/their recommendations for the flip-side to this mixes intent: an introduction to metal tracks for a dyed-in-the-wool post-punk aficionado.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. Please, please, buy music (don’t just Spotify) at local shops, independent online sellers, Bandcamp et al. You have to stream thousands of times to make artists even pennies–buying music puts much-needed money into artists’ and labels hands immediately. Many of these albums are in print, or are at least available digitally. Thank you for listening, and please pass it on.

Various – ‘Metallic Post-Punk’
An Intro to Post-Punk for Metalheads (1976-1985)

Part I

[0:00:00] Wipers – “When It’s Over” (‘Youth of America’ 1981)
[0:06:25] 100 Flowers – “Reject Yourself” (‘Hell Comes to Your House’ 1981)
[0:08:55] Bauhaus – “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ EP 1979)
[0:18:25] Cocteau Twins – “Shallow Then Halo” (‘Garlands’ 1982)
[0:23:40] Glen Branca – “Structure” (‘The Ascension’ 1981)
[0:26:40] Mission of Burma – “Trem Two” (‘Vs’ 1982)
[0:30:50] Sonic Youth – “I Dreamed I Dream” (‘Sonic Youth’ EP 1982)
[0:35:55] This Heat – “Horizontal Hold” (‘This Heat’ 1979)
[0:42:50] Joy Division – “She’s Lost Control” (‘Unknown Pleasures’ 1979)
[0:46:35] Comsat Angels – “Dark Parade” (‘Sleep No More’ 1981)
[0:51:35] Pop Group – “Thief of Fire” (‘Y’ 1979)
[0:56:10] Siouxsie & The Banshees – “Desert Kisses” (‘Kaleidoscope’ 1980)

Part II

[1:00:25] Dead Can Dance – “Mesmerism” (‘Spleen & Ideal’ 1985)
[1:04:15] Dif Juz – “No Motion” (recorded 1985)
[1:08:50] Einsturzende Neubauten – “Kollaps” (‘Kollaps’ 1981)
[1:16:10] New Order – “Doubts Even Here” (‘Movement’ 1981)
[1:20:25] Mx-80 – “Promise of Love” (‘Crowd Control’ 1981)
[1:25:00] The Birthday Party – “The Friend Catcher” (‘Birthday Party’ 1982)
[1:29:00] Pere Ubu – “FInal Solution” (‘Final Solution’ EP 1976)
[1:33:55] Killing Joke – “Requiem” (‘Killing Joke’ 1980)
[1:37:35] The Cure – “The Drowning Man” (‘Faith’ 1981)
[1:42:30] Gang of Four – “Paralysed” (‘Solid Gold’ 1981)
[1:45:45] The Ex – “Bouquet of Barbed Wire” (‘Tumult’ 1983)
[1:52:05] Wire – “Mercy” (‘Chairs Missing’ 1978)

Part III

[1:57:50] Television – “Marquee Moon” (‘Marquee Moon’ 1977)
[2:08:35] The Gordons – “Coalminers Song” (‘The Gordons’ 1981)
[2:14:15] Talking Heads – “Drugs” (‘Fear of Music’ 1979)
[2:19:15] Gary Numan – “Metal” (‘The Pleasure Principle’ 1979)
[2:22:40] David Bowie – “Scary Monsters” (‘Scary Monsters’ 1980)
[2:27:35] Les Vampyrettes – “Biomutanten” (‘Les Vampyrettes’ EP 1981)
[2:31:30] Massacre – “As Is” (‘Killing Time’ 1981)
[2:38:05] XTC – “Complicated Game” (‘Drums & Wires’ 1979)
[2:42:55] Suicide – “Frankie Teardrop” (‘Suicide’ 1977)
[2:53:15] This Mortal Coil – “Song to the Siren” (‘It’ll End In Tears’ 1984)

[Total Time: 2:56:45]

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