[Hope] – ‘Joy! – Volume 3: South America (1966-1978)

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I started the ‘Joy!’ series a week before the pandemic fully hit the USA; three years into the Republican Party’s most fully-realized attempt yet in their sixty-year plan to turn the clock back to 1955/1860/1350; two months before the murder of George Floyd and four hundred years deep into the American tradition of using, abusing, and murdering Black people. Suffice it to say, six (isolated, endless) months later, six weeks out from an election that Republicans are trying to “win” through lies, confusion, theft, collusion with foreign enemies, bad faith manipulation of every “legal” opportunity, police and military force, and “vigilante” violence: “joy” is all the more elusive in daily life. The original intent of the mixes–to present sounds of unmitigated joy–feels as impossible as it would be illusory. But there is so much music–the best music–that knows what it is to convey and maintain the hope of joy, without ignoring the sorrow and the hardship and the struggle.

South America knows sorrow-in-joy, joy-in-sorrow as deeply as anywhere, and South American musicians perfected expressing both at once in their art as perfectly as anyone ever has. ‘Joy!: Volume 3‘ celebratesn music made by South American artists that captures political defiance in the face of fascism, and the assertion of the importance of human relationships, their joys and their sorrows against dehumanization. As a non-Portuguese/non-Spanish speaker, it’s the sounds that hit first, and they are often hugely joyous: sunny, sparkling, rolicking, soothing, warm and inviting. But look up the lyrics, if you don’t speak the languages, and there is a lot more than first meets the ear. But it doesn’t feel like a contradiction, to meld joyous sounds with hard stories, broken hearts, political defiance, anger and action: because that’s what it is to be human and not to be consumed by the authoritarian, fascist impulses that drive those who create our hardest times. We are angry, we are heartbroken, we are sometimes filled with sorrow, but our hearts don’t stop, and we hold on, and we celebrate what is worth fighting for in ourselves and in our communities. The musicians on this mix are simply refusing to despair. Their joy–and ours today–can’t be “pure” or “unmitigated,” but it’s stronger and burns longer for it.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. As always, please, buy this music, support the artists, support the shops and labels that get this music out there for us all to enjoy. Without your direct support, music will become a streaming commodity that can’t support artists, won’t create community, will isolate us rather than bring us together–and, in a streaming-only world, can disappear at any moment. Buy music to make it last–don’t rent it. Now more than fucking ever.

Various – ‘Joy! Vol. 3 – South America’

Part I

01 [00:00] Jorge Ben – “Zumbi” (‘A Tábua De Esmeralda’ 1974)
02 [03:30] Azymuth – “Esperando a Minha Vez” (‘Azimüth’ 1975)
03 [06:25] Gal Costa – “Baby” (‘Gal Costa’ 1969)
04 [09:55] Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – “Quem Vem La” (‘Mudei De Idéia’ 1971)
05 [12:40] Gilberto Gil – “One O’Clock Last Morning, 20th April” (‘Gilberto Gil’ 1971)
06 [17:15] Dom Um Romão – “Shakin’ (Ginga Gingou)” (‘Spirit Of The Times’ 1975)
07 [20:15] El Polen – “Valicha” (‘Cholo’ 1972)
08 [25:45] Jongo Trio – “Aguas de Marco” (‘Jongo Trio’ 1972)
09 [29:45] Os Mutantes – “Haleluia” (‘A Divina Comédia Ou Ando Meio Desligado’ 1970)
10 [33:25] Elis Regina- “Verão Vermelho” (‘ …Em Pleno Verão’ 1970)
11 [35:00] Evinha – “Na Baixa Do Sapateiro” (‘Eva’ 1974)
12 [37:55] Edu Lôbo – “Zum-Zum” (‘Cantiga de Longe’ 1970)
13 [40:40] Pippo Spera – “Debes Encontrario En Ti” (‘A Buen Puerto’ 1977)
14 [44:30] Nara Leão – “Infelizmente” (‘Nara Leão’ 1968)
15 [47:00] Deodato – “September 13” (‘Prelude’ 1973)

Part II

16 [52:25] Caetano Veloso – “It’s A Long Way” (‘Transa’ 1972)
17 [58:30] João Gilberto- “Eu Quero um Samba” (‘João Gilberto’ 1973)
18 [63:15] Simone – “Reis e Rainhas de Maracatu” (‘Face a Face’ 1977)
19 [66:05] Rita Lee – “Vamos Tratar Da Saúde” (‘Hoje É O Primeiro Dia Do Resto…’ 1972)
20 [69:05] Lô Borges – “Homem de Rua” (‘Lô Borges’ 1972)
21 [71:05] Quarteto Em Cy – “Aleluia” (‘Som Definitivo’ 1966)
22 [74:35] Marcos Valle – “Minha Voz Virá Do Sul Da América” (‘Garra’ 1971)
23 [78:55] Tim Maia – “Risos” (‘Tim Maia’ 1970)
24 [81:25] Tom Zé – “O Sândalo” (‘Tom Zé ‘ 1972)
25 [84:30] We All Together – “It’s A Sin To Go Away” (‘We All Together’ 1972)
26 [88:25] Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – “Ye-Me-Le” (‘Ye-Me-Le’ 1969)
27 [90:45] Os Novos Baianos – “Trinido Trincando” (‘Acabou Chorare’ 1972)
28 [94:10] Djavan – “Nereci” (‘Djavan’ 1978)
29 [97:25] Diane Denoir – “Esa Tristeza” (‘Diane Denoir’ 1973)
30 [99:45] Milton Nascimento – “Clube da Esquina No. 2” (‘Clube Da Esquina’ 1972)

[Total Time: 1:43:20]

Download ‘Joy! – Volume 3: South America (1966-1978)’ Here (242 MB)

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