[Now] ‘Old Souls – Part XVI: January to June, Twenty Twenty-One’ (2021)

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2021 has been more of the same wildly vacillating, often depressing, frequently angering days as 2020. I don’t know what to say about these days, except that music continues to be the main thing getting through one day to the next with any semblance of hope for tomorrow. Somehow through it all, artists–especially Black artist–continue to expand musical possibility, bring the richness of the musical past to bear, create the sounds of the future, and break down unnecessary borders between genres. I can only say thanks to musicians everywhere for persevering–to create beauty in the face of a chaotic world is an amazing thing. ‘Old Souls, Part XVI‘ continues to celebrate brave creativity in trying times, focusing on the best music Musicophilia has heard in the first half of 2021. I don’t have a clue what the rest of this year will bring in the world, though I try for hope. I do know that if the music of January through June is any indication, the rest of the year will surely sound incredible.

Thank you for listening…But please don’t just listen. Every day, always, support Black artists. Buy music on platforms and from shops that are financially equitable–please don’t just stream. It takes literally tens of thousands of streams on Spotify et al to add up to the same financial support as one CD, LP or download purchase–and those streams trickle in over years, instead of coming at once. If you’re only streaming your favorite artists–they’re not your favorites, and you’re not supporting them. Every day, always, support Black-lead organizations working to right the systemic injustice that informs centuries of history and all current governmental and corporate policy. Every day, always, act to support justice and equity for Black people everywhere. If you can’t safely get to protests and demonstrations during COVID-19, there’s still a lot you can do. And every day, always, don’t stand for bullshit on an individual level from white people you know: when you hear racist remarks, call them out; when you encounter well-intended but softly ignorant talk about “I don’t see color,” take it as a sign someone wants to learn but just haven’t yet that justice and equity are not the same as pretending life is a meritocracy and we’re all free so that’s good enough. If you’re not Black, when you act, make sure you’ve listened to Black people first, and have understood it’s not about you, and help how you’re told help is needed, and don’t try to take on leadership that isn’t yours. But rely on education that’s available: don’t burden Black people with your search for answers or your need to feel better. We cannot ever “get back to normal,” because normal was nowhere near good. Let’s never go back to that.

Various – ‘Old Souls – Part XVI: January to June, Twenty Twenty-One’

01 [0:00:00] Nailah Hunter – “Talk Show Host” (‘Quietude’ EP 2021)
02 [0:03:00] Drea the Vibe Dealer – “Sacrifice” (‘Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 3’ EP 2021)
03 [0:06:35] Mohawk Johnson – “Balance” (‘4closure’ 2021)
04 [0:10:55] Sault – “Bitter Streets” (‘Nine’ 2021)
05 [0:14:55] Georgia Ann Muldrow – “Synthmania Rock” (‘Wweto III’ 2021)
06 [0:17:00] Haich Ber Na – “0594 Help” (‘From Then ‘Til Now’ EP 2021)
07 [0:20:45] Spellling – “The Future” (‘The Turning Wheel’ 2021)
08 [0:24:10] Duendita – “Bio” (‘Bio’ Single 2021)
09 [0:28:20] Kele – “From a Place of Love” (‘The Waves Pt. 1’ 2021)
10 [0:31:20] Madlib – “The New Normal” (‘Sound Ancestors’ 2021)
11 [0:33:40] Nappy Nina – “Weight” (‘Weight’ Single 2021)
12 [0:36:20] L’Rain – “Two Face” (‘Fatigue’ 2021)
13 [0:40:20] Serpentwithfeet – “Amir” (‘Deacon’ 2021)
14 [0:43:20] Arlo Parks – “Black Dog” (‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’ 2021)
15 [0:47:00] Yasmin Williams – “Jarabi” (‘Urban Driftwood’ 2021)
16 [0:50:30] Sons of Kemet – “Field Negus” (‘Black to the Future’ 2021)

17 [0:53:30] Ruby – “Jupiter” (‘And Then All Over’ EP 2021)
18 [0:57:35] The Lasso – “Fly Futura” (‘2121’ 2021)
19 [1:02:10] Sol Patches – “Couleur” (‘Vivid Image’ 2021)
20 [1:05:40] McKinley Dixon – “Make A Poet Black” (‘For My Mama…’ 2021)
21 [1:10:10] Randi Withani – “10001” (‘Chiron’ EP 2021)
22 [1:17:05] Anjimile – “In Your Eyes (Reflection)” (‘Reunion’ EP 2021)
23 [1:20:20] Orisun – “6/8” (‘This Is Orisun’ EP 2021)
24 [1:22:50] April + Vista – “The Receiver” (‘Pit of My Dreams’ 2021)
25 [1:26:10] Backxwash – “Blood In the Water” (‘I LIe Here Buried…’ 2021)
26 [1:27:50] Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin – “3 Dope Boys” (‘$mokebreak EP’ 2021)
27 [1:31:45] Roy Kinsey – “Holding Back” (‘Juke Skywalker Vol. 1’ EP 2021)
28 [1:33:50] Terry Blade – “They Must Be Kin” (‘American Descendant of Slavery’ 2021)
29 [1:36:30] Tyler Holmes – “To Accept” (‘Nightmare in Paradise’ 2021)
30 [1:39:15] Quinton Barnes – “Kolibri” (‘As a Motherfucker’ 2021)
31 [1:42:40] Tyler, The Creator – “Massa” (‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ 2021)
32 [1:45:50] Mal Devisa – “Skyline Arms / Reach Out” (‘Wisdom Teeth’ 2021)

[Total Time: 1:50:40]

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