[Hope] – ‘Joy! – Volume 4: Africa (1971-1979)

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The reasons Musicophilia started the ‘Joy!‘ mix series… haven’t become any less pressing in the last year-and-a-half. White supremacists, anti-vaxers, billionaires, Republicans (did I already say that one?) are still trying to end the fucking world and make it shit until then. But fuck them. To feel joy is to defy the would-be tyrants, their violent greed, their bad-faith “faith,” their empty-headed, empty-hearted soullessness. To feel joy is to celebrate the potential of humanity, of those who fight–literally, and/or simply by not complying with evil. And for me, and I’d guess for you, music is the single most constant and continuous source of joy in life. All I know is, thank whatever good there is in the universe for musicians. ‘Joy! Volume 4: Africa 1971-1979‘ celebrates musicians from the root, tree and flower of all music.

While the initial intent of the ‘Joy!’ series was to focus on music that is explicitly, avowedly joyful–I realized in making these mixes that almost all joy that isn’t fleeting reflects life, and life is never only joyous, so of course music rarely is, either. But I think that makes the music on these mixes only that much more powerful. The artists of ‘Volume 4‘ therefore make music that sounds joyous, but sometimes tinged with longing, anger, sadness–but the joy is only stronger for those other parts of the artists’ experience of life. On this mix, genres are many, varied, often melded, created in the 1970s by artists from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, Gabon, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Cameroon. The common thread is that they will all lift you higher than you were before you heard them. I’m not an expert in African popular music by any stretch of the imagination–these selections are favorites of mine from over many years of record-buying, but the breadth and depth of this period in African popular music are a constant revelation. I hope you’ll hear some old favorites in a new context, and find some new ones to seek out further. I hope, as with all of the ‘Joy!‘ mixes, that these sounds will serve to refuel you for the continuous struggle. Thanks for listening, and for spreading the joy.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. As always, please, buy this music, support the artists, support the shops and labels that get this music out there for us all to enjoy. Without your direct support, music will become a streaming commodity that can’t support artists, won’t create community, will isolate us rather than bring us together–and, in a streaming-only world, can disappear at any moment. Buy music to make it last–don’t rent it. Now more than fucking ever.

Various – ‘Joy! Vol. 4 – Africa’

Part I

01 [0:00:00] Tirogo – “Tirogo” (‘Float’ 1977)
02 [0:04:10] Ebo Taylor – “Peace On Earth” (‘Twer Nyame’ 1978)
03 [0:09:40] Shadrack Piloso & His Super Seven – “Kuya Hanjwa” (1974)
04 [0:12:15] Amanaz – “Easy Street” (‘Africa’ 1975)
05 [0:15:45] SJOB Movement – “Stone Funk” (‘A Move In the Right Direction’ 1976)
06 [0:21:40] Salty Dog – “Sunshine In My Hair” (‘Salty Dog’ 1976)
07 [0:25:00] Gyedu Blay Ambolley – “Akoko Ba” (‘Simigwa’ 1975)
08 [0:30:25] Chrissy Zebby Tembo – “Feeling Good” (‘My Ancestors’ 1976)
09 [0:33:50] Lijadu Sisters – “Come and Dance” (‘Sunshine’ 1978)
10 [0:40:05] Mebusas – “Grooving out On Life” (‘Blood Brothers’ 1973)
11 [0:43:50] Mulatu Astatke – “Kasalefkut-Hulu” (‘Mulatu of Ethiopia’ 1972)
12 [0:46:15] Tony Allen – “Love Is A Natural Thing” (‘No Discrimination’ 1979)
13 [0:55:20] Mor Thiam – “Ayo Ayo Nene” (‘Dini Safarrar’ 1973)

Part II

14 [1:01:05] Pierre Akendengue – “Oma Ayiya” (‘Nandipo’ 1974)
15 [1:04:50] The Funkees – “Dancing In the Nude” (‘Point of No Return’ 1974)
16 [1:09:15] Question Mark – “Oh My Girl” (‘Be Nice To the People’ 1977)
17 [1:14:15] Basabasa Experience – “Homowo” (‘Together We Win’ 1979)
18 [1:20:25] Blo – “It’s Gonna Be a Good Day” (‘Phase II’ 1974)
19 [1:24:40] Manu Dibango – “African Carnival” (‘Africadelic’ 1972)
20 [1:27:50] William Onyeabor – “Tomorrow” (‘Tomorrow’ 1979)
21 [1:33:50] Aktion – “Groove the Funk” (‘Groove the Funk’ 1975)
22 [1:38:50] Hedzoleh Soundz – “Rekpete” (‘Hedzoleh’ 1973)
23 [1:42:15] Kiki Gyan – “We Make Music” (‘Feeling So Good’ 1979)
24 [1:45:35] Ngozi Family – “I Will Be With U” (‘45,000 Volts’ 1977)
25 [1:48:50] Harari – “Rufaro” (‘Rufaro Happiness’ 1976)
26 [1:51:35] Tete Mbambisa – “Stay Cool” (‘Tete’s Big Sound’ 1976)
27 [1:55:50] Osibisa – “Woyaya” (‘Woyaya’ 1971)

[Total Time: 2:00:20]

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