[Now] – ‘The Light Through A Hole In the Dark Sky’ (2021-2021)

Stream the mix while you read; download at the bottom of this post.

The Light Through A Hole In the Dark Sky‘ is inspired by a brief moment I experienced recently (represented, but not fully captured, by the cover photo), on a ferry on the Narragansett Bay. Night was falling prematurely, hastened by a wide sky of gray clouds, the sunset revealed only as an orange glowing line on the western horizon. Except there was a hole in the dark sky, a shock of blue-white brightness, reflecting on the strangely still waters of the bay, looking like a portal, an escape hatch. The vast quiet space felt like I felt. My heart’s resting state has been heavy and dark. But while the clouds persist, sometimes light breaks its way through–kindness from a friend, the embrace of family for the first time in years, most often the by a piece of music, of human creativity, bravely beautiful against the overwhelming odds. The light doesn’t clear the darkness, the darkness doesn’t quench the light. For times, there is a detente, when the light doesn’t fight, the darkness doesn’t envelope, and the two, opposed and opposite, sit still with each other. This music is the sound of those moments.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. As always, please, buy this music, support the artists, support the shops and labels that get this music out there for us all to enjoy. Without your direct support, music will become a streaming “commodity” that doesn’t support artists, won’t create community, will isolate us rather than bring us together–and, in a streaming-only world, can disappear at any moment. Buy music to make it last–don’t rent it. Now more than ever.

Various – ‘The Light Through A Hole in the Dark Sky’ (2020-2021)

01 [00:00] Nala Sinephro – “Space 1” (‘Space 1.8’ 2021)
02 [03:50] Arooj Aftab – “Saans Lo” (‘Vulture Prince’ 2021)
03 [11:05] Sailcloth – “Great Lakes” (‘Woodcut’ 2021)
04 [13:50] Mal Devisa – “Forest” (‘For Daisy with Honey: 4U’ 2021)
05 [16:30] Conrad Burnham – “Out by Touch” (‘Aurora’ 2021)
06 [19:25] Babby – “Keeper” (‘Album’ 2021)
07 [23:00] Nailah Hunter – “Bassin Bleu” (‘Bassin Bleu’ single, 2021)
08 [28:00] Mel. – “Vac” (‘Letters to V’ 2020)
09 [30:05] Pharoah Sanders & Floating Points – “Movement 6” (‘Promises’ 2021)
10 [38:40] G. Brenner – “Caustic” (‘Brushfire’ 2021)
11 [42:30] Alabaster DePlume – “Bean” (‘Bean’ single, 2021)
12 [45:25] Low – “Hey” (‘Hey What’ 2021)
13 [52:50] Ambrose Akinmusire – “Hooded Procession” (‘On the Tender Spot…’ 2020)

[Total Time: 56:10]

Download ‘The Light Through A Hole In the Dark Sky’ (2020-2021) Here (mixed mp3, 131MB)

Stream here:

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