April Foolophilia!

April Fools!

You are truly a music geek, congratulations! Unfortunately, the world suffers a serious lack of Seychellian post-punk Circuscore (so far as I know)–Chalsa Nepal never existed, and more disappointingly there are no known ‘Fraggle Rock‘/post-punk connections.   The album cover, band name, and album title is what came up for me from the “create a random album cover” thing that was going on over at ILM/Facebook, and the hype-talk is a parody of every over-excited blurb we’ve ever read at Forced Exposure (and of my own Musicophilia hype-talk for mixes).  Don’t feel bad–I would buy this album if it existed!

For your trouble, below is an early download link to an upcoming Musicophilia post: Volume 1 of the ‘1981‘ ‘Briefcase‘ tracks–the 250+ track collection of stuff not featured on the principle 9 mixes from the box set.  Every weekend new tracks from the disc are featured at Musicophilia Daily, and Volume 1 collects the first 20.  Sorry for the trickery!  And thanks as always for listening to Musicophilia and for supporting good music, music-makers, and independent shops!

Download ‘1981 – Briefcase, Volume 1‘ HereSubscribe to Musicophilia

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