[Musicophilia] – Part Two of the Circle Into Square Interview

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on June 29, 2009


Following up part one of an interview conducted by Hiram Lucke of The Harvey Girls at Portland-based label/magazine Circle Into Square, part two is now available here.  Hiram and I ramble through the ethics of music sharing; the significance of the artifact in musical discovery; the irrelevance of rock-star (or even indie-rock-star) ambition to music-making in the current milieu; the cycle of stagnation versus fecundity in popular music and the role of the past-mining geek; better and more important blogs than Musicophilia who’re making available primary-source recordings; and the future possibility of “real-life-based” social mix sharing.  So check it out, and be sure to look around and sample some of the music and writing available at Circle Into Square.

[Musicophilia] – Interview at ‘Circle Into Square’ Magazine

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on May 28, 2009


An unusual post today:  I’ve been interviewed about the Musicophilia blogs, music and the internet, the role of the ‘geek mentor,’ etc. at the lovely Circle Into Square , “a Portland, OR based label, online magazine, and local artist community”.  Conducted by the multi-talented Hiram Lucke of The Harvey Girls, the interview was very free-wheeling and a lot of fun.  So check it out here, and be sure to look around the site while you’re there.

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