[Musicophiliacs] – Last Call for Your Music (For Now)

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on May 27, 2009


As I mentioned previously, I’m always interested in featuring music made by Musicophilia-listeners at Musicophilia Daily.  But I’ve also decided to make a mix of your music to post here, as Daily still lags behind in readership (though honestly more of my energy has gone there than here of late, so you should check it out and consider subscribing if you haven’t already).  I’ve had a number of interesting submissions to previous posts, but I want to give one last request for submissions before I make the mix.  So if you enjoy the sorts of music on offer at the Musicophilia blogs, and feel your own music would be of interest to like-eared listeners, please leave your name, a link to your site(s) and/or download links, and any information you think is relevant in the comments.  I’ll contact you with further questions, if necessary.

In the meantime, I continue to be a little busy with pesky “real life,” but I have numerous mixes getting closer to completion, and I don’t plan on letting Musicophilia go silent any time soon.  As always, if you’d like to contribute a mix (or more) that you feel fit what’s being done here, I’d love to have co-bloggers.  Thanks!

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[1981] – ‘Briefcase, Volume 1’ (2005)

Posted in Talking, Tracks by Soundslike on April 6, 2009


So far, eight of the nine ‘1981‘ mixes from the box set released in 2004-2005 have been “reissued” here at Musicophilia, with over 3,000 downloads between them, hopefully helping many of you hear music that’s new to you.  But there was a whole other element to the box set where the carefully sequenced and themed mixes ended: the ‘Briefcase‘ disc, which was a catch-all grab-bag from the endless corners of what could be called “post-punk” in 1981.  It added another 250 tracks and artists/bands to the box set, and while not a mix in the usual sense (tracks were simply presented alphabetically), there was a lot of great stuff in there, and the ‘Briefcase’ is what makes the box set something closer to an historical record than simply a collection of mixes.  Every weekend, more tracks from the ‘Briefcase‘ are made available for streaming over at Musicophilia Daily; but due to their apparent popularity, I’ve decided to make the tracks available for download here at Musicophilia on a periodic basis.  Here’s the ‘1981 Briefcase, Volume 1‘, with the first 20 tracks; depending on whether anyone downloads this set, another 11 or so volumes will likely follow over the next year.

Among the highlights from the twenty artists in this collection: 1000 Ohm, Absolute Body Control, and Beranek (also featured in higher quality as part of the “1981 addendum” mix, ‘How To Say 1981 in German‘); early A Flock of Seagulls and ABC; Adam & The Ants; Alternative TV; 49 Americans side-group Avocados; pre-Bangles The Bangs; The Work-related Black Sheep; Blondie; and Cyndi Lauper’s first foray, Blue Angel, amongst others.  Tracks are in low VBR and include original cover art; download link below the “more…” link.  [My thanks to the true geeks who discovered this download last week via my little April Fools trick/self-satire/wishful thinking.]


[Musicophilia Daily] – I Want to Help Share Your Music

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on March 17, 2009


Things are still getting cooking over at Musicophilia Daily a few weeks in.  Already there have been over 40 tracks shared, numerous links, and even an original review.  There’s another feature I’d like to add– but in order to do so I’ll need your participation.  I’ve already talked with half a dozen of you whom I know to be talented musicians; I suspect, given the sort of stuff we’re listening to here, that there are many more of you.  And I would like to showcase music made by Musicophilia listeners, for other listeners.  I know it wouldn’t be the biggest bit of publicity you’re likely to receive, but it would certainly be reaching discerning and passionate ears.

So if you’d like to be featured, leave a comment with a link to your music (be sure to use a working email address–nobody but me will see it).  I can’t guarantee anything, but if what you’re doing seems like it might appeal to Musicophilia listeners, I’ll get in touch with you.  I’d like to use one or two choice tracks to stream directly in the blog post, along with artwork or a photograph, which I’ll need you to supply; then I’ll write up a snappy blurb, and link to your site(s)/MySpace/Facebook/etc.  I feel like this would really add something to what I’m putting together with these two blogs, so I would really appreciate your participation.  I’m constantly honored to meet the thoughtful, passionate people the music we love brings here, and I’m always thankful you’re listening.

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[Big Announcement] – Musicophilia Daily Blog

Posted in Talking by Soundslike on March 3, 2009


After five months, 30,000 views, and over 6,600 downloads of more than 30 mixes, it’s time for Musicophilia to expand.  My ultimate goal when I started blogging was to help people hear great music, and hopefully get inspired to support the featured artists and independent music shops.  I love mixes, and I think they can have value in and of themselves; but they take a lot of time (for mixers and listeners) and energy, and have their own inherent limitations in terms of variety and spontaneity.   So to further Musicophilia’s goal, I’d like to have the flexibility to move beyond the mix-only format, to share individual tracks, links to recommended posts at other blogs, videos, reviews, out-of-print albums, previews of upcoming mixes, questions, and ideas; all sharing the spirit and sounds of Musicophilia.  However, I would like to do so without cluttering up Musicophilia–which will continue to focus on carefully crafted mixes–or forcing more content on its subscribers than they bargained for.  To that end, I’d like to present Musicophilia DailyI encourage you to subscribe in order to automatically receive new updates. Further details after “more…”.   Head over to Musicophilia Daily for further information.  Thanks for listening!

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