[Respite] ‘Apparitions’ (1978-2022)

Stream the mix while you read; download at the bottom of this post.

This music is the strength of fragility.  The necessity of acknowledging what haunts us, breaking down, getting quiet, mourning, in order to build up, build hope, and make noise again.  This is the difference between mystery and chaos.  This is the beauty of imperfect humanity.

Apparitions‘ (1978-2022) is the first Musicophilia mix of 2022.  I hope it won’t be the last, but I can’t make promises these days.  Just living has been nearly overwhelming for me, as it seems to be for everybody I’m not afraid of.  But I’m getting through (not least because I’ve begun making my own music for the first time in twenty years).  I made this mix for myself, first-thought-best-thought, as a respite that lasts at least 77 minutes.  I’m sharing it in the hope it will serve others, as well.

Download/stream the mix below the tracklist. Please, please, buy music (don’t just Spotify) at local shops, independent online sellers, Bandcamp et al. You have to stream thousands of times to make artists even pennies–buying music puts much-needed money into artists’ and labels hands immediately. Many of these albums are in print, or are at least available digitally. Thank you for listening, and please pass it on.

Various – ‘Apparitions’

01 [00:00] Cleo Sol – “Spirit” (‘Mother’ 2021)
02 [04:15] David Darling – “Bells & Gongs” (‘Journal October’ 1980)
03 [05:35] Julee Cruise – “I Float Alone” (‘Floating Into the Night’ 1989)
04 [10:10] Alabaster DePlume – “Again” (‘Gold’ 2022)
05 [13:15] The Durutti Column – “My Country” (‘Vini Reilly’ 1989)
06 [16:10] Ekin Fil – “A Veil” (‘Feelings’ 2021)
07 [18:50] Godfrey At Large – “The Three Of Us” (‘A.D.’ 2022)
08 [25:20] The Howard Hughes Suite – “Slow Motion Pictures” (‘High & Lonesome’ 2022)
09 [28:05] Hugo Largo – “Nevermind” (‘Mettle’ 1989)
10 [33:30] Lia Kohl – “Second Picture of the Same Weather Pattern” (‘Too Small to Be a Plain’ 2022)
11 [35:55] Lady Blackbird – “Fix It” (‘Black Acid Soul’ 2021)
12 [41:40] Anja Lechner & Francois Couterier – “Gratitude” (‘Lontano’ 2020)
13 [43:40] Low – “Don’t Walk Away” (‘Hey What’ 2021)
14 [47:40] Ian Manire – “Sketch 4” (‘Sketches’ 2022)
15 [51:25] Gigi Masin – “First Time Ruth Saw the Sea” (‘Les Nouvelles Musiques de Chambre, Vol. 2’ 1989)
16 [54:30] Stina Nordenstam – “This Time, John” (‘Dynamite’ 1996)
17 [57:20] Oui Ennui – “Abime, Tu Es Ma Mere” (‘Abyss, You Are My Mother’ 2022)
18 [59:40] Phonodelica – “The Drowning Valley” (‘The Drowning Valley’ 2021)
19 [63:15] Arthur Russell – “Tower Of Meaning…” (‘World of Echo’ 1986)
20 [67:50] Sailcloth – “Spaces” (‘Woodcut’ 2021)
21 [69:45] Jose Carlos Schwarz & Le Cobiana Jazz – “No Colonia” (‘Vol. 1 Guinee Bissau’ 1978)
22 [75:20] Thirteen Moons – “If You Please” (‘Little Dreaming Boy’ 1986)

[Total Time: 1:17:05]

Download ‘Apparitions’ As A Mixed File Here (178 MB)

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