[1981] – ‘Ice’ Mix (2005)

1981 - Ice

Superficially, the ‘1981‘ box set tells the story of just one year; not even really the whole year, but one year for a particular scene.  It is what Woebot described as an act of “potholing”.  But that partial history of one year of post-punk was chosen because it was not a one-off (like “real punk”), but rather a nexus, an intersection of many other stories that suggests many other directions backward and forward (“frantically out-branching” as Pitchfork put it).  Moments and movements of extreme artistic fecundity are perhaps always this way: as exciting as they are in and of themselves, the particular mechanics of their expression, and especially the places and people who make them happen, are fleeting and finite; but if they’re really tapping into something, the energy carries on in many directions.  Why I love post-punk in the year 1981 is because it wasn’t really just about itself, even as exploring it consumed countless hours and energy and plenty of dollars in my life.  It was perfect at the time because it rekindled the excitement of all my musical “discoveries” to that point, and has provided the fuel for my exploration and enjoyment since.  Even though sharing it represents an end–it’s the last of nine mixes— ‘Ice‘ is perhaps the best example of the fact that ‘1981’ isn’t just an isolated incident: these sounds are the most out-of-time, ageless, in some ways oddest but most enchanting of the set’s dozens of tracks (hundreds, if you include the ‘Briefcase).  I hope the mix and the box set will provide you with fuel for further exploration, too.

Ice‘ is not definitely not meant to imply coolness in the sense of detachment.  Bill Laswell’s Material quickly prove that, along with Talking Head Jerry Harrison, Was (Not Was), the Honeymoon Killers, and The Slits, as they bring the movement and the (earth)beats.  ‘Ice’ is about mystery, as explored by Brian Eno and David Byrne, the Comsat Angels, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Selecter, Phew, or Ryuichi Sakamoto.  ‘Ice‘ is also about being just plain, un-fuckwith-ably cool, like Ex-Can Holger Czukay, Grace Jones, ESG, Jim Jarmusch’s Del-Byzanteens, the Gun Club, or our hero Robert Wyatt.  But there’s also meditative contemplation, as with the Delta 5, Echo & The Bunnymen, or the creator of perhaps 1981’s most timeless and compelling contribution of all, “O Superman,” Laurie Anderson.  Full tracklist and the download link are after the “more…” break.

The Del-Byzantines – “Girl’s Imagination”

1 9 8 1  |  I c e

01  Holger Czukay – Fragrance (Edit)  [3:16]
02  Jerry Harrison – Worlds In Collision  [5:03]
03  Comsat Angels – Restless  [3:16]
04  Selecter – Their Dream Goes On  [3:42]
05  Gun Club – Promise Me  [2:37]
06  ESG – You’re No Good  [3:12]
07  Siouxsie & The Banshees – Into the Light  [4:15]
08  Laurie Anderson – O Superman  [8:21]
09  Phew – Fragment (Edit)  [2:37]
10  Honeymoon Killers – Histoire a Suivre  [3:05]
11  The Del-Byzanteens – Girl’s Imagination  [6:44]
12  Was (Not Was) – Oh, Mr. Friction  [3:32]
13  Brian Eno & David Byrne – A Secret Life  [2:30]
14  Echo & The Bunnymen – All My Colours  [4:03]
15  Material – Square Dance  [4:27]
16  Ryuichi Sakamoto – Kachakuchane (Edit)  [2:50]
17  Grace Jones – Nightclubbing  [5:04]
18  The Slits – Earthbeat (Peel Session) (Edit)  [5:44]
19  Robert Wyatt – Born Again Cretin  [3:06]
20  Delta 5 – Different Fur  [2:37]

[Total Time: 80:00]

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8 thoughts on “[1981] – ‘Ice’ Mix (2005)

  1. Seems to be working–the “download here” link is not a direct-download–just click it in the normal fashion, it will take you to another page, at which you should see a clear download link. Click that (not right-click-save-as) and the download should begin. Sorry if all that isn’t the problem you meant–let me know if you have any further problems.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and must say that I find it absolutely amazing despite the fact that I’ve only browsed through a small portion of your site. I was hoping that you would pay mine a visit also. I’ve been running Digital Meltd0wn @ http://digitalmeltd0wn.blogspot.com for nearly 5 years now, and have recently started sharing some of my favorite library music LPs, which I’m positive you would enjoy. I would be honored if you would consider adding me to your “Proper Blogs” list.

    I also run a music blog aggregator/blogroll @ http://music-bloggers.blogspot.com and I plan to add musicophilia to the site when I perform my next update. Thank you for the amazing selection of music you have made available here. Now, back to digging through your archives…

  3. So sorry I missed your comment from well over a year ago! I was already a fan of your blog at that time–honored you liked mine. Thanks!

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