[Musicophilia] – ‘Old Souls, Part XIV: Roll’ (2017-2020)



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Rock music is Black music. Post-Punk is Black music.  Indie Rock, Motorik Rock, Synth-Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Art-Rock, Neo-Grunge, Avant-Garde Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Pop, Hardcore Punk, Folk revival: all alive and well, and all are Black music. ‘Old Souls Part XIV: Roll‘ and its sister volume ‘Part XIII: Rock‘ are a celebration of the Black artists who are reclaiming Rock and resuscitating its myriad permutations, imbuing them with renewed purpose and substance.  The sounds these artists create are many, and their excellence is singular.

Thank you for listening…But please don’t just listen. Every day, always, support Black artists. Buy music on platforms and from shops that are financially equitable, don’t just stream. It takes literally tens of thousands of streams on Spotify et al to add up to the same financial support as one CD, LP or download purchase–and those streams trickle in over years, instead of coming at once. If you’re only streaming your favorite artists–they’re not your favorites, and you’re not supporting them. Every day, always, support Black-lead organizations working to right the systemic injustice that informs centuries of history and all current governmental and corporate policy. Every day, always, act to support justice and equity for Black people everywhere. If you can’t safely get to protests and demonstrations during COVID-19, there’s still a lot you can do. And every day, always, don’t stand for bullshit on an individual level from white people you know: when you hear racist remarks, call them out; when you encounter well-intended but softly ignorant talk about “I don’t see color,” take it as a sign someone wants to learn but just haven’t yet that justice and equity are not the same as pretending life is a meritocracy and we’re all free so that’s good enough. If you’re not Black, when you act, make sure you’ve listened to Black people first, and have understood it’s not about you, and help how you’re told help is needed, and don’t try to take on leadership that isn’t yours. But rely on education that’s available: don’t burden Black people with your search for answers or your need to feel better. We cannot ever “get back to normal,” because normal was nowhere near good. Let’s never go back to that.

Various – ‘Old Souls – Part XIV: Roll’

01 [00:00] Bob Vylan – “We Live Here” (‘We Live Here’ 2020)
02 [02:10] Sault – “We Are the Sun” (‘5’ 2019)
03 [06:00] Young Fathers – “Toy” (‘Cocoa Sugar’ 2018)
04 [09:10] Blaque Dynamite – “Time Out” (‘Time Out’ 2020)
05 [11:45] The Seshen – “Faster Than Before” (‘Cyan’ 2020)
06 [15:20] Drea the Vibe Dealer – “Aline” (‘Priestess of Vibrations’ 2020)
07 [19:30] Corey King – “Fertility Filter” (‘A Loveless Sunken Sun’ 2019)
08 [24:45] Witch Prophet – “Stars” (‘The Golden Octave’ 2018)
09 [27:55] Black Pumas – “Know You Better” (‘Black Pumas’ 2019)
10 [32:05] Anjimile – “Maker” (‘Giver Taker’ 2020)
11 [35:00] Bells Atlas – “We’ve Been Here Before” (‘The Mystic’ 2019)
12 [38:40] Kara Jackson – “Crush” (‘A Song For Every Chamber…’ EP 2019)
13 [42:25] Infinity Knives – “In the Mouth of Sadness” (‘Dear, Sudan’ 2019)
14 [46:20] Yves Jarvis – “Victim” (‘Victim’ single 2020)

15 [51:00] Gary Clark, Jr. – “This Land” (‘This Land’ 2019)
16 [56:40] Pom Pom Squad – “Cherry Blossom” (‘Ow’ 2019)
17 [59:25] Ganser – “Emergency Equipment and Exits” (‘Just Look…’ 2020)
18 [64:40] Ed Balloon – “Lost Boys” (‘The Dubs’ 2019)
19 [67:05] Black Ends – “Stay Evil” (‘Stay Evil’ EP 2020)
20 [70:10] Duendita – “Let Me Live” (‘Let Me Live’ EP 2020)
21 [74:30] ONO – “Tar Baby” (‘Red Summer’ 2020)
22 [80:20] Danny Denial – “Totally Fucked Up” (‘Fuck Danny Denial’ 2020)
23 [83:55] Pleasure Venom – “Hive” (‘Pleasure Venom’ EP 2018)
24 [86:20] L’Rain – “A Toes (Shelf Inside Your Head)” (‘L’Rain’ 2017)
25 [89:10] Florid – “S.O.S.” (‘Void’ EP 2019)
26 [92:25] Desire Marea – “Ntokozo” (‘Desire’ 2020)
27 [96:05] Zsela – “Undone” (‘Ache of Victory’ EP 2020)
28 [98:20] Moses Sumney – “Bless Me” (‘Grae’ 2020)

[Total Time: 1:43:15]

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