[1981] – 10 Year Anniversary!

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Ten years ago this month, I started making the first mix that grew into three that grew into the nine-disc physical ‘1981’ box set. In celebration, I’m posting all of the original mixes–and working on at least one new mix–to my Mixcloud profile at

So check it out, and spread the word–it’s time for another round of rediscovery, as this music still sounds like the future, even at 32. The other mixes will be up shortly, added to this post over the next couple of days.

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Away for a while

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Hi everyone,

I have been in the hospital for the last week and it looks like I will be here for a while longer. I will start posting to Musicophilia again as soon as I am better.

Recent Technical Difficulties

Posted in Uncategorized by Soundslike on January 17, 2009

If you’d been trying to download Volume 4 of the recent ‘Les Rythmes du Monde‘ mix set without success, a new download at a new link is now available.  Please let me know if you encounter further difficulties.

There have been a number of outages and  non-functioning download links lately.  Hopefully this is a temporary problem.  If it turns out to be systemic, does anyone have another upload/download service they would recommend?  I’ve liked Mediafire so far–they seem to be less restrictive of downloads, they don’t try to sell download privileges a la RapidShare, and they let me organise and keep reasonable track of my uploaded mixes without deleting those that are not frequently downloaded.  Any advice is helpful, thanks.

A Request

Posted in Uncategorized by Soundslike on November 29, 2008

I noticed today that the most recent uploaded mix, ‘Les Miniatures, Volume 3‘ seemed to have been removed from the uploading site (I’ve re-upped it, in case you were unable to grab it).  If anyone finds a mix unavailable, please let me know via a comment in the relevant post.  Hopefully this is just some technical glitch and it won’t happen again.  Hope everyone is enjoying the music.

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