[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Monde du Funk ’78’ (1977-1978)


Update November 2017: This mix is now available as part of a ten-disc digital box set! The ‘Le Monde du Funk‘ series has explored Funk, and Funk-inflected Soul, R&B, Jazz, Rock and Pop through the expansive early-70s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’72,’ eclectic mid-and-late-70s with Le Monde du Funk Vol. 9;’ the sophisticated solid-state mid-80s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’85,’ the post-disco crossroads of the early 80s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’82‘, and most recently the apex of early funk with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’74’. (I’d retroactively consider the Daft Punk tribute ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream‘ part of the series, too.) With ‘Le Monde du Funk et Soul et Rock 1978,‘ covering 1977-1978, the dancefloor revolution has arrived, and disco rules–but this is no ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ this is the lasting fire.

This music was not a fad, but a revolution of radical love.  It was futurism with a heart, space exploration with a beat that moves the earth.  ’78’ isn’t afraid to bring the hits–Chic are here, as is the godfather Giorgio Moroder and the goddess Donna Summer.  Heroes like Arthur Russell’s Dinosaur, Sylvester, Kraftwerk, Hamilton Bohannon, The Blackbyrds, Voyage and Cerrone are here, too, while international lesser-knowns like  Droids, Black Devil, Kuwana Haruko, and Brian Bennett show this music was truly international.  This is the (disco) light in the darkness, and I hope it takes you as high as it does me.

You can stream above, or download below. As always, please buy all the music that you hear here that you can: support the artists and the labels, to keep this amazing art available for all.

Various – ‘Le Monde du Funk 1978’
1977-1978 | Musique du Monde


Side A

01 [00:00] DROIDS – “Shanti Dance (Parts 1 & 2)” (Star Peace, 1978)
02 [06:25] CHIC – “Le Freak” (C’est Chic, 1978)
03 [11:50] DINOSAUR – “Kiss Me Again (Version)” (“Kiss Me Again” single, 1978)

Side B

04 [23:34] VOYAGE – “Golden Eldorado” (Fly Away, 1978)
05 [28:24] The BLACKBIRDS – “Lookin’ Ahead” (Action, 1977)
06 [33:42] Dexter WANSEL – “Disco Lights” (What The World Is Coming To, 1977)
07 [37:50] CERRONE – “Supernature” (Cerrone 3: Supernature, 1977)

Side C

08 [46:40] SYLVESTER – “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” (Step II, 1978)
09 [53:14] Kuwana HARUKO – “Akogare no Sundown” (Million Stars, 1978)
10 [56:57] SPACE – “Magic Fly” (Magic Fly, 1977)
11 [60:35] Brian BENNETT – “Chain Reaction” (Voyage, 1978)
12 [67:30] KRAFTWERK – “The Man-Machine” (Man Machine, 1978)

Side D

13 [72:36] Black DEVIL – “No Regrets” (Disco Club, 1978)
14 [77:40] Hamilton BOHANNON – “‘Come Dance With Me” (On My Way, 1977)
15 [81:45] Giorgio MORODER – “From Here To Eternity” (From Here To Eternity, 1977)
16 [87:28] Donna SUMMER – “I Feel Love'” (I Remember Yesterday, 1977)


[Total Time: 1:33:15]

Download ‘Le Monde du Funk ’78’ Here (193MB)

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