[Musique du Monde] – ‘Le Monde du Funk ’74’ (1973-1974)


Update, November 2017: This mix is now available as part of a ten-disc box set!  The ‘Le Monde du Funk‘ series has explored Funk, and Funk-inflected Soul, R&B, Jazz, Rock and Pop through the expansive early-70s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’72,’ eclectic mid-and-late-70s with Le Monde du Funk Vol. 9;’ the sophisticated solid-state mid-80s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’85,’ and then the post-disco crossroads of the early 80s with ‘Le Monde du Funk ’82‘. (I’d retroactively consider the Daft Punk tribute ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream‘ part of the series, too.) ‘Le Monde du Funk et Soul et Jazz 1974,‘ covering 1973-1974, is “right in the pocket” of the sustained golden age of funk, at the phase when jazz, R&B, soul, and funk were deeply intertwined, and the first rumblings of disco began to emerge.  The rock-solid rhythm section is to the fore, even on the more jazz-based tracks, often paired with excellently organic keyboards.  Swooping strings dance around the edges, foreshadowing widescreen disco panache; while in a few other places a raw four-to-the-floor hints at the rawer sides of underground disco to follow.  Many tracks employ clever studio trickery, while others explicitly reach back to the blues and keep things simple.

What seems to me to inform all the styles is an unequivocal confidence: the feeling among the musicians that they were creating something decidedly forward-moving, and yet not academic or removed from the world of listeners.  This is music that is firing on all cylinders, and knows it: it’s hitting the mind, the body, the heart, and the soul without compromise or hesitation.  As later volumes show, the crest of the wave would carry on for better than a decade; but the feeling of excitement at having generated a real new popular language and employing it with mastery has probably never been surpassed in pop music.

You can stream above, or download below.  Play it loud, and pass it on–this is the soundtrack to our resistance, just as it was in its day.   “March on, march on to victory!”  As always, please buy all the music that you hear here that you can: support the artists and the labels, to keep this amazing art available for all.

Various – ‘Le Monde du Funk 1974’
1973-1974 | Musique du Monde


Side A

01 [00:00] Ohio PLAYERS – “Hustle Bird” (Quiet Fire, 1973)
02 [02:44] Betty DAVIS – “They Say I’m Different” (They Say I’m Different, 1974)
03 [06:46] Curtis MAYFIELD – “Love Me (Right In The Pocket)” (Got To Find A Way, 1974)
04 [11:50] The METERS – “What’cha Say” (Rejuvenation, 1974)
05 [15:11] Jack DeJOHNETTE – “Epilog” (Sorcery, 1974)
06 [18:15] Lewis RAMSEY – “If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right” (Funky Serenity, 1973)

Side B

07 [23:41] 24-Carat BLACK – “24-Carat Black (Theme)” (Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth, 1973)
08 [28:45] Ann PEEBLES – “I Can’t Stand the Rain” (I Can’t Stand the Rain, 1974)
09 [31:02] David AXELROD – “Everything Counts” (Heavy Axe, 1974)
10 [38:05] Bobbi HUMPHREY – “Chicago, Damn” (Blacks And Blues, 1974)
11 [44:40] D. J. ROGERS – “March On” (D. J. Rogers!, 1973)

Side C

12 [47:33] PARLIAMENT – “Up For the Down Stroke” (Up For the Down Stroke, 1974)
13 [52:29] Stevie WONDER – “You Haven’t Done Nothin” (Fullfillingness’ First Finale, 1974)
14 [56:28] The O’JAYS – “‘For the Love of Money” (Ship Ahoy, 1973)
15 [61:08] Dr. JOHN – “Life” (In the Right Place, 1973)
16 [63:18] Fatback BAND – “Keep On Steppin'” (Keep On Steppin’, 1974)
17 [67:54] George DUKE – “Feel” (Feel, 1974)

Side D

18 [73:37] MSFB – “Love Is The Message” (Love Is The Message, 1973)
19 [77:55] Manu DIBANGO – “African Carnaval” (Africadelic, 1973)
20 [81:00] Skull SNAPS – “It’s A New Day” (Skull Snaps, 1973)
21 [84:23] Donny HATHAWAY – “The Slums” (Extension of a Man, 1973)
22 [87:46] James BROWN – “The Payback” (The Payback, 1973)
23 [93:02] Kool & THE GANG – “Summer Madness” (Light Of Worlds, 1974)


[Total Time: 1:37:05]

Download ‘Le Monde du Funk ’74’ Here (183MB)

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