[Musique Du Monde] – ‘Le Monde du Funk ’82’ (1980-1982)


The next volume in the ‘Le Monde du Funk’ series links the blissful sounds of the mid-70s on ‘Volume 9‘ and ‘The Gold and the Silver Dream‘ to the arty edges of ‘Le Nouveau Son‘ and ‘1981‘ through to the electro-tinged post-disco of ‘du Funk ’85‘.  ’82 is traces the synth lines between boogie, disco, funk, electro, pop and even a bit of funky art-rock, at the beginning of the 80s.  The beat and the bass are central even in the pop tunes, but the fuzzy, warm electronics are the secret weapon, as what started coolly with Kraftwerk and warmed up with Giorgio Moroder came to a boil.  The robots in Daft Punk hear this music in their dreams.

Le Monde du Funk ’82‘ is a party in a C90.  D-Train, Zapp, Shalamar and Andre Cymone return from ’85, and they’re joined by The Blackbyrds, Rick James, Peter Gabriel, Imagination, Breakwater, Komiko, Edwin Birdsong, Mass Production, Grandmaster Flash, Inner Life, The Time, Scritti Politti, Skyy, One Way, and Yasuaki Shimizu.  I hope you’ll enjoy, and please pass this post along to anybody who might need a little joy.

Various – ‘Le Monde du Funk ’82’
1980-1982 | Musique du Monde

Side A

01  [00:00]  The BLACKBYRDS – “Without Your Love” (Better Days, 1980)
02  [03:20]  Andre CYMONE – “Get It Girl” (Livin’ In the New Wave, 1982)
03  [07:36]  Rick JAMES – Give It To Me Baby” (Street Songs, 1981)
04  [11:36]  Peter GABRIEL – “Games Without Frontiers” (Peter Gabriel 3, 1980)
05  [15:25]  IMAGINATION – “Music and Lights” (In the Heat of the Night, 1982)
06  [19:53]  BREAKWATER – “Release The Beast” (Splashdown, 1980)
07  [24:39]  KOMIKO – “Feel Alright” (“Feel Alright” single, 1982)
08  [29:48]  ZAPP – “Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)” (Zapp II, 1982)
09  [34:32]  Edwin BIRDSONG – “Funtaztik” (Funtaztik, 1981)
10  [40:55]  SHALAMAR – “There It Is” (Friends, 1982)

Side B

01  [45:28]  D-Train – “You’re the One For Me” (You’re The One For Me, 1982)
02  [50:23]  Mass PRODUCTION – “Weird” (In A City Groove, 1982)
03  [53:46]  Grandmaster FLASH – “Scorpio” (The Message, 1982)
04  [58:34]  Inner LIFE – “Moment of My Life” (Inner Life II, 1982)
05  [64:57]  The TIME – “777-9311” (What Time Is It?, 1982)
06  [72:51]  Scritti POLITTI – “Faithless” (Songs To Remember, 1982)
07  [77:02]  SKYY – “Here’s To You” (Skyyport, 1980)
08  [82:09]  One WAY – “Cutie Pie” (Who’s Foolin’ Who, 1983)
09  [87:25]  Yasuaki SHIMIZU – “Dots” (Kakashi 1982)

[Total Time: 1:32:41]

Download ‘Le Monde du Funk ’82’ Here

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